Chatty courier

I saw you company courier/driver: you are constantly interrupting my work to chat with me about stupid shit that I A: don’t care about and B: don’t have time to listen to. In the past I have tried to comaplain to several higher ups but due to nepotism have had no luck. NOW your wife is my supervisor, so I have no chance in hell of getting anywhere with my problem (YOU). GAHHH!!!! Others have noticed too by the way and they think you’re lazy….

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1 March 2007

  1. fog · March 1, 2007

    How about you talk to the person and tell them you don’t want to talk to him instead of going on to a website and whining about it. Sheesh, people have no idea how to deal with problems anymore.

  2. Aaron · March 1, 2007

    Grow up.

  3. OP · March 1, 2007

    I’ve actually tried to talk to this person, it was good for about a week and then got even worse. It’s a small company and the courier is in good with the owners – so they pretty much don’t care what I have to say.

  4. Sooz · March 1, 2007

    amazing. grow up.

  5. OP · March 1, 2007

    Ok!! That sounds great! Will do!

  6. JERK · March 1, 2007

    When he comes in and starts chatting, make out you have to go to the washroom.



  7. JERK · March 1, 2007

    **He/She** …better correct that before everyone starts jumping on their computer in an attempt to feel better about themselves by calling me out on that.

  8. JERK · March 1, 2007

    And… if he/she asks you why you have to go to the washroom every time they come in, you just reply with “I eat a lot of bran so my bowel movements are perfectly timed”. Bound not to talk to you again after that.

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