Wintersleep — “Archaeologist”

Track: Wintersleep — “Archaeologist” (Visit their Myspace page to listen)

From Welcome To The Night Sky (2007)
Nova Scotia

Paul Warford: I’ve been a Wintersleep fan since they were troubadouring around Halifax. They’re an East Coast band that deserves it, know what I mean? If you’ve heard them before, this new track is a lot like the others—full of the same energy and determination. If you haven’t heard Wintersleep before, they sound like that bar band you heard last weekend and are still talking about this weekend. They’re a rock band for people who are sick of rock bands.

Sarah Hoyles: Perfect movie soundtrack material. You know the scene where things kick into fast-motion, where the main character really makes that change and decides to bare down and write that book or train for the big race? That’s when you’d hear it. Airy, hopeful indie rock that makes you wish you were in a movie.

Geoff Younghusband: Atmospheric yet rocking, this one’s layered with plenty of rich musical sediment. Fans of Wintersleep usually love to sing along with every word, but the vocals here are buried. Overall impression? You might find a few nifty fossils, but definitely no missing link.