Track review: “dd’s blues” by Duane Andrews

Track Review:
“dd’s blues” by Duane Andrews

From raindrops (2008)
St. John’s, NL

Alison Corbett: Holy smokes! Pizzazz, character, drama—it’s got it all! The melody steps through seemingly infinite combinations of instrumentation and ornamentation, returning each time with smooth insistence. The texture is pretty tasty, especially the ever-so-nutritious unison string/horn lines. They’re good for the soul, so I’ve heard many a wise one say.

Dave Sullivan: When I was nine years old my cousin Desi taught me to play ‘Smoke on Da Water.’ That was 23 years ago, and ever since then up until about five minutes ago I thought I was the most awesomest wicked g’dar player what ever lived. After hearing Duane Andrews play, I will admit, I could be wrong. Cause by’s, he’s decent. …Who am I kidding? He’s unreal. It’s like he’s got eight arms—like tentacles—stickin’ out from all over his body. He’s like a squid. Squidhand! Every great guitarist has to have a nickname, and now Duane has his: old squidhand. Don’t thank me Duane, all in a days work. Squirt us another, squidhand!

Sean Panting: The spooky Halloween/Dragnet vibe is definitely doing it for me. I like the way the vibraphone and strings take the sound somewhere new. Crazy good guitar playing, naturally, but he spreads the glory around a bit. You can’t go wrong giving Pat Boyle a chance to go nuts. Nice recording. The best sounding Duane to date without question.