Supergod! — “Heidi vs. Wayne”

Track: Supergod! — “Heidi vs. Wayne”

From The Party Controls the Gun—Volume: Lazerbeam (2007)

Paul Warford: Sorry. I was waiting for the point, and I never heard one. I can’t do music without a point. Maybe you can. For me it was a murder mystery without any suspects.

Sarah Hoyles: It’s as if I am eight years old again, crammed into the two-tone blue suburban with four other kids, my parents, and the family dog, and I’m asking “are we there yet?!” Granted, not every song needs to have a verse followed by a chorus with a bridge. But it is nice, as a listener, to have some kind of roadmap in the form of a beat, rhythm or bassline to know how far away you are from your destination.

Geoff Younghusband: Heidi and Wayne have taken too much acid to do anything other than challenge your patience. Six minutes of nothing super or godlike. …But it takes balls to be this boring.