First Offence — “Death of Liberty”

Track: First Offence — “Death of Liberty”

From An Army of None (2007)

Rachel Jean Harding: This song sounds like it was spit out of a random punk rock song generator. The vocalist asks “Where’s our right to say what we think and feel?” Uh, aren’t you fronting a punk band, and presently exercising that very right?

Sarah Smellie: The auditory equivalent of having your face kicked in. Good gracious.

Anshuman Iddamsetty: Years ago, I stopped paying attention to the vague, revolving-door politics of North American punk (since as Canadians we’re doing slightly better than, say, Darfur). Lyrics aside, “Death of Liberty” succeeds as a tightly wound chord-spray of guttural skate punk—it’s fast, snotty, and doesn’t feature a steakhead chant-a-long. Sick!