Chris Picco — “Same Old Story”

Track review: Chris Picco — “Same Old Story”

From Ferris Wheel (2007)

Darcy Fitzpatrick: In a catchy, toe-tapping style, Picco tells us that “same old story” of incompatible lovers with lyrics that ring all too true to experience. Putting on a brave face, the song seeks to inspire even the most dejected of the lovelorn, prescribing a healthy dose of apathy in lieu of the usual naval-gazing self-pity. You might have heard it before, but you’ll still want to hear it again.

Dan Murray: This song, from a sure to be darling of the local music industry, sounds as if Picco has been hanging around the Novaks a little too much (or perhaps they’re just in his backing band.) Bland, bland, bland. If you’re into mediocre rock songs, check it out.

Thea Morash: Happy harmonies, a satisfying bridge reminiscent of an earlier time in pop, and a smooth, consistent sound throughout. Seems to me that a song with this name should go far enough beyond it that the title is satirically or ironically apt. Resurrection and repetition are two different things, and this track fits almost too well into the “same old” category. But maybe that was the whole point.

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3 January 2012

  1. Villergirl · January 3, 2012

    Did the Novaks Write this? Just kidding.. Sounds good, Catchy, Hits will play it.