Buck 65 — “Dang”


Track review: Buck 65 — “Dang” [listen at buck65.com]

From Situation (2007)
Nova Scotia

Darcy Fitzpatrick: If Beck and Vanilla Ice were to successfully breed, that child would grow up to start a Buck 65 fan club, and Dang would be their anthem. After the song played and the last meeting’s minutes were read, the remainder of the club’s weekly business would entail the resumption of an elaborately devised checkers tournament. If you play “Dang” backwards, details on how to structure this tournament can clearly be heard. This reinforces the fact that Buck 65 is a lyrical genius.

Dan Murray: Buck 65 returns to the realm of standard indie hip hop with a pretty weak effort of cliché beats and uninspired vocals. Neither the humour nor emotion of his best work can be found here. And don’t even get me started on the chorus of “dang diggy dang di dang di dang diggy diggy dang…”

Thea Morash: The opening seconds of this track conjures up zoot suits, fresh oxfords, and jitterbugging. The peculiar but satisfying country hip-hop sound that Buck 65 is known for is laid over a drum-dominated tune that combines surf with big band and makes me want to get up and dance around like an idiot. Stop comparing the chorus to that Kid Rock song, and notice that you’ve been moving to the beat the whole time.

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15 March 2011

  1. Beth Fagan · March 15, 2011

    Buck 65 is awesome.

    As a former haligonian, I am a forever fan of him and will follow him to (hopefully) the big time.
    He’s got rockin’ beats.
    Kudos to the scope for featuring him :)