Bjork — “Innocence”

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Video: Björk — “Innocence”

By Fred&Annabelle (contest winners)

Rachel Jean Harding: Bjork has a knack for working with innovative video artists, and the fans who made this video have taken cues from a lot of them. The dancing figures seem to be borrowed from Michel Ocelot’s video for the first single from this album, “Earth Intruders”, and the bear evokes Michel Gondry’s video for “Human Behaviour”. There are some nice gimmicks, but for something truly wonderful, look up Chris Cunningham’s “All Is Full of Love.”

Sarah Smellie: Wow. This is definitely worth a viewing or two. Nice synaesthetic uses of light-flashes and crawly black shadows, strange giant pink babies with glowing eyes… Even a surprise ending! I hope these people get paid extravagantly well, because this is about twenty times better than most music videos I’ve ever seen.

Anshuman Iddamsetty: This fan-made video is a pretty coked-out affair. Clad in the same psychfolk pear armour featured on the cover of Volta, an e-Björk stokes a tribal moshpit of lite-brite imps as she detonates, WinAmp-style, to the bass. Where should directors Fred&Annabelle go next? Two words: Five Alive.


  1. rachel · February 8, 2011

    In case it was not clear in the wording All is Full of Love is a Bjork single that Chris Cunningham directed the video for.

    In addition to working with Bjork, Cunningham has worked with arists such as Aphex Twin, Autechre and Madonna.

    All is Full of Love displays the best usage of a non-flesh and blood, special effects generated image of Bjork of all the videos I have seen. And is part of the permanent collection at the Museum of Modern Art (New York).

    The blurb on wikipedia about the video is worth reading and has additional links to information on the artist and video if you are interested.

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