Tommy Gushue

Bio: At only 22 years of age, Tommy Gushue has won scriptwriting contests, sold a pilot to the CBC, nabbed an agent, and formed his own local production company, Black Market Films. Black Market’s first project was to shoot a zombie film, Date with the Dead, co-starring Andy Jones. Dead is set to be completed by February 2009.

How did you happen to sell your own series to the CBC?: “In June I won the 2008 Island Media Screenwriting competition, and I was flown out to PEI to pitch Hotel Noir, a mystery-thriller that’s set in an old Montreal Hotel in the 1940’s.”

What’s the status of the series?: “I’m working on a general outline for the first season, and the first draft of the pilot is due early in the Spring”

What’s the genesis of Date with the Dead?: “Nima Yousefi, a friend of mine in LA showed me his new script, which would become Date With The Dead. I thought it was fantastic.”

How did you get Andy Jones involved?: “We immediately started seeking out some of the most talented people in town to fill out the cast and the crew…when we started showing [the script] around, people got excited”

What’s in store for Black Market Films?: “We’ve got a lot of things planned for the future, but the very next thing will probably be another short film sometime around the spring. Whatever our next project is, our approach will be the same: there’s some great work being done here in town, but not a lot of it is being seen. St. John’s has a very close-knit film community, but outside of that, there isn’t much interest at all from the average film-goer.

We’re trying to change that…We’re focusing on making films that people outside of [St. John’s] will want to see: independent films for people who don’t watch independent films.”

­— Adam Clarke