Personal top tens of 2007


We asked some Scope staff, friends and acquaintances to take a moment to reflect on the past year and jot down a list of ten things that made their year all the more cool.

After the jump, top ten lists from Dale Jarvis, Paul Warford, Chrysta Collins, Noreen Golfman, Brad Gushue, Geoff Meeker, Emilie Bourque, Craig Francis Power, Luke Major, Brad Hodder, Dave Cochrane, Alicia Simms-Young, Greg Bruce, Lois Brown, Jeff Gilhooley, Gemma Schlamp-Hickey, Berni Stapleton, Sherri Levesque, Rachel Jean Harding, Anshuman Iddamsetty, Justin Simms, Bryhanna Greenough, Kevin Kelly, Geoff Younghusband, and Shelley Pardy.

Have a list of your own? Feel free to post it as a comment.


Dale Jarvis – Storyteller and author

1. Kelly Jones opening Britannia Teas and Gifts
2. Storytelling Arts Smarts programme at Holy Cross Elementary
3. Chicken fried rice with Newfoundland salt cod at Bamboo Garden, Duckworth Street
4. Tango lessons with Judy Knee
5. Kayaking in Conception Bay
6. Camp Delight Children’s Oncology Camp
7. The Telling Theatre’s production of “Beowulf”
8. “World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War” by Max Brooks
9. Tim Horton’s Breakfast Bacon Sandwich on whole wheat bagels
10. Ten-year anniversary of the St. John’s Haunted Hike.

Paul Warford – Comedian and Scope writer

1. Wearing the collared shirt under the t-shirt, rather than over it.
2. Bioshock
3. Queens of the Stone Age’s Era Vulgaris
4. Basil pesto
5. Open mic comedy at The Victory
6. Youtube music/comedy videos
7. Regina Spektor
8. Bison (as a meal)
10. The Minibosses

Chrysta Collins – Communications Officer at The Rooms

1. New house!
2. Lime/strawberry/rum/vodka concoction
3. Travel adventures
4. Adopting a rescue kitten
5. Blue belt in Kempo
6. Green purse from Posie Row
7. Zen weekend in June
8. Wicked jewelry finds
9. Beaches, anywhere, anytime!
10. Cirque du Soleil

Noreen Golfman – Memorial University professor and columnist for the Independent

(in no particular order)
My Toyota Camry Hybrid
Hula Hooping
St Lucia in February
Downtown Recycling Project
Georgestown Bakery croissants
Winterset Literary Festival
Lorraine Michael
Away From Her
Frank by Amy Winehouse
Atlantica Restaurant

Brad Gushue – Curling superstar

1. Birth of daughter Hayley
2. Health of family
3. Acme Financial Services
4. New House
5. High definition television
6. Playing the old course at St. Andrew’s
7. Honda snowblower
8. Definitions workouts
9. Smoothies
10. Planet Earth (DVD)

Geoff Meeker – Journalist and media critic

1. Starting a media analysis blog, then freelancing it to The Telegram three months later
2. Rediscovering the thrill of breaking stories through secret sources
3. My son winning ‘best effort’ award at his school
4. Watching both sons turn into young men
5. Staying happily married
6. Colleen Power performing live at my birthday party
7. My iPod (and Hey Rosetta, Hawksley, Cherie Pyne, Corb Lund, Idlers, Amy Winehouse, etc.)
8. Plank salmon and red wine
9. Jellybean Row becoming a hit at the Glacier craft fair
10. Deciding to treat myself to a set of electronic drums. Yay!

Craig Francis Power – Artist and writer

(in no particular order)
buying a house
my surprise birthday party
being artist in residence at the rooms
fresh fish
sackville nb
making arrangements to go to Vancouver in early February
Theo Simms’ “The Candahar”
Friday night poker at Gordon Laurin’s
my art posse

Emilie Bourque – Scope writer

1. Joining The Scope squad
2. Visiting friends in England, Ireland, and Germany
3. The Vagina Monologues
4. Green tea ice cream soap from Tval
5. Curbside recycling
6. “No One is Illegal” march in Toronto
7. Pilates
8. Hanging out in the sun outside Ryan & Jason’s “Trust” exhibit
9. Hiking into the fjords in Gros Morne
10. Jam-jams from Tangled Up in Blue

Luke Major – Lead singer and guitarist for Mercy, The Sexton and (erstwhile) the Nordic Beat

1. Recording
2. New York City
3. The Springsteen Power Failure at The Ship
4. “Someone Great” – LCD Soundsystem
5. Eating lobster on the beach
6. Skype
7. Summer roadtrips
8. Facebook
9. Swimming in Manuels River
10. Jon Rae and the River & The Constantines covering “Bastards of Young”

Brad Hodder – Actor and C2C Theatre founding member

1. Ball hockey
2. Brian Bishop’s lighting design for “Charles Dickens Writes a Christmas Carol”
3. The Once
4. George Morgan’s “Knockturns”
5. A little husky, named Irick, from Natuashish
6. Bayroni
7. Timemasters
8. Sidewalks & Scandals
9. SECH @ the craft fair
10. And a single mummer at Dot Ryan’s Xmas party.

Alicia Simms-Young – Tattoo artist

1. Headline Honeys and the Purity Girls. Viva Burlesque!
2. Chicken salad panini at Cafe Moca (panini or pretzel bread–awesome)
3. Chocolate tofu mousse pie with oreo crust
4. Patchwork Productions and Rabbittown Theatre
5. CBC Radio
6. Momavie Centre for Awareness and Healing – they really do work miracles
7. Dave Munro – he makes my every year! Awwwww!
8. Wilkin’s Automovtive (Mt Pearl) for getting my car through another year and not costing me an arm and a leg
9. At Both Ends — check those guys out! YEAAAAH!
10. Helen Davis and Hilary Young-Laite

Dave Cochrane – CBC political reporter

1. Jesse Bragg
2. Owen Maggs
3. Billy Cochrane
4. Spring in Rome
5. Gulls Football
6. Coast Football
7. The Panel
8. Jacoby Ellsbury
9. Forest Road
10. Election Night Broadcast

Greg Bruce – Musician and breakdancer

(in no particular order)
ERC @ Hip-Hop 360
Sarah Slean
Being Vegan
Music NL + NLAC
St. Petersburg Metro Police
Mr. Lif
Effortless Mastery by Kenny Werner
Skype Unlimited
Jan Garbarek

Lois Brown – Actor, director and playwright

1. Olivia
2. The Women’s Work Festival
3. 48thparallel project – coming to the web in March.
4. Shooting Heartless D in Bonavista at Jeff’s with director Mr. Justin Simms
5. I am a Bunny. The feel-good movie of 2007
6. Augusta Lotta for fashion treats and hilarious shoptalk. Wade should charge me cover…
7. Rabbittown
8. Amy Winehouse
9. The annotated suicide reading-list carefully compiled for me by Joel Hynes, included the Malibu Stork Nightmares, Filth, Confederacy of Dunces and the startling Right Away Monday by the man himself.
10. Micro mixes from the organic farm. You can just stuff them in your mouth like popcorn.

Jeff Gilhooley – Host of CBC radio’s St. John’s Morning Show

1. For the first time in 15 years I own a car.
2. Extreme Sudoku puzzles with shaded diagonals.
3. Successfull knee surgery on Palermo striker Amauri Carvalho de Oliveira.
4. Ratatouille
5. Public opinion on sidewalk snowclearing
6. We found lost family pictures from Deep Water Creek, Labrador.
7. Music of Neko Case
8. Vincent Schiavelli’s book Many Beautiful Things
9. Atlantic Place renovations
10. Salt cod fritters at Bacalao restaurant.

Gemma Schlamp-Hickey – Local activist and politician

1. Danny Williams telling people not to vote Conservative in the next federal election
2. Beating the streets with Alexa McDonough in St. John’s East
3. Hanging with Ferron
4. Snow Day @ Gerry & Peg’s
5. Andrea the Spa Therapist @ Sound Salon
6. Marching in the Toronto Pride Parade
7. Bruce Springsteen Tribute @ The Ship
8. Feast of Cohen @ LSPU Hall
9. Wonderful Grand Band Reunion
10. Discovering Amelia Curran

Berni Stapleton – Actor and playwright

1. December 31st (my birthday!)
2. Jonathan’s marks from CONA
3. Uncle Bern’s 90th
4. The Newfoundland Quarterly
5. A Tidy Package
6. The Double Axe Murder
7. Away From Her
8. The Widow’s Walk
9. Bella Donna
10. Waltz Around the Cape

Liz Solo – Musician and artist

(in no particular order)
Working with Mike Kean and Steve Abbott to make “alien”
Local Tough
Interactive Futures New Media Conference at Open Space, Victoria
The Independent Artists Cooperative¹s fifth birthday
Legend of Zelda – Twilight Princess
Rock Can Roll releases #10 and #11
Second Life/The Second Front Performance Art Collective
The Sketch
Finally launching The Atlantic Basin Project
Stephen Colbert

Sherri Levesque – Hula hooper, comedienne, and Scope ad sales diva

1. Moving into the house of happiness
2. Woop Woop Hoop Troupe
3. Hitchiking to Evolve
4. Da Cabin
5. Riding a crazy carpet to work
6. Falling in and out of like, lust and love
7. Living Planet / Charlotte Street Studio Party
8. Being The Scope’s sales diva
9. Tickle fights
10. Comedy night at The Victory

Rachel Jean Harding – Scope writer and photographer

1. Ana Felaxos’ A Novena For Nihilism
2. Imagine Peace – Yoko Ono
3. Singing with the Hidden Cameras
4. July’s projects with Esther
5. My performative 28th birthday party (esp. Cyril Butler’s contribution)
6. Heidi Wagner
7. Drag Idol
8. Jason Penney’s Map of Canada
9. White Stripes at Mile One
10. Leave Britney Alone (honestly)

Anshuman Iddamsetty – Scope writer

1. Graduating.
2. Bioshock.
3. Les Savy Fav’s Let Stay Friends.
4. The Liars S/T record.
5. My TV.
6. The Wrong Trousers’ cover of “Video Killed the Radio Star”
7. Rediscovering Terry Pratchett.
8. Beth Ditto on the cover of NME
9. Beth Ditto in general.
10. My signed copy of The Life Aquatic script.

Justin Simms – Writer and filmmaker

1. Discovering Robot Chicken.
2. Moneyball by Michael Lewis.
3. Mexico.
4. 6 Very Short Plays.
5. Robert Joy.
6. Lucinda Williams at Massey Hall.
7. Through a Glass Darkly.
8. Ryan Adams’ cover of Alice In Chains’ Down in a Hole.
9. Josh & Clare, my two God kids.
10. Getting it shot, finally

Bryhanna Greenough – Publisher of The Scope

(in no particular order)
Farmers market
Halliday’s sirloin
Hidden Cameras show
Lululemon sports bras
Micro chenille
Midnight bike rides
Visiting northern flickers
Wicked winter storms
Women’s Film Fest

Kevin Kelly – Senior Editor, The Newfoundland Herald

Top ten cool things about local entertainment in 2007:
1. St. John’s can host a kick-ass comedy festival.
2. Right Away Monday by Joel Hynes was my favourite book of the year.
3. Maggie Meyer will be a music superstar before too long.
4. Andy Jones “Letters From Uncle Val” was the best theatre show I saw this year. (The Joan Morrissey tribute show was a close second, however.)
5. Jack White’s affinity for bingo and one note performances during The White Stripes Newfoundland visit.
6. The Dance Party of Newfoundland will be the next CODCO.
7. Mark Critch is Danny Williams… or is it the other way around?
8. Shaun Majumder blew up real good on 24.
9. Canada AM should come to Newfoundland more often.
10. We have a plethora of amazing young songwriters to watch out for…(Blair Harvey, Chris Picco, Ian Foster, Sherry Ryan immediately come to mind.

Geoff Younghusband – Musician and artist

1. Moving home
2. Australia with Andy Jones
3. TV online
4. Facecrack/Methbook
5. Farmers markets
6. Cast iron griddles
7. Body surfing
8. Dinner parties
9. Saunas
10. Rock and Roll

Shelley Pardy – MUN Sustainability Coordinator

1. Green Drinks
2. Carbon Offsetting
3. Farmers markets
4. 93.5 FM CHMR
5. David Suzuki’s If I Were Prime Minister Tour
6. Organic Veggie Farm Share (and zero-emission home delivery)
7. Jumping Bean Cafe
8. The Scope
9. Oxfam Unwrapped
10. Zach Goudie


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