Mike Rossiter

Occupation: Legislative Reporter for CBC Radio

Age: 28

Hometown: St. John’s

Musical preferences: Everything from Johnny Cash, Neil Young and the White Stripes (“I can’t wait for the concert!”) to Cake, K-OS and the Beastie Boys.

Last book read: The Secret Man: The Story of Watergate’s Deep Throat by Bob Woodward

Zodiac sign: Aquarius

Words of wisdom: “Radio guru Chris Brookes once told me that ‘Radio is like TV, except the pictures are way better on radio.’ I also loved former Radio Noon host Anne Budgell’s t-shirt during the lockout that said ‘Outlast the Assholes.’

The story: One of Mike’s most memorable moments as a reporter happened during the provincial election of 2003.

Premier Danny Williams’ team had rented a helicopter and flew to the East Coast, hitting as many communities as they could. Mike and one other reporter went along.

“It felt like I was covering some bizarre rock tour,” he says. “The pilot would land in the most unusual places…on beaches, baseball fields, parking lots.”

The Premier would jump out, shake hands, kiss babies, make a speech, then run back to the helicopter.

At one point, the crew flew through a rain cloud and water started dripping on an important-looking console in the cockpit.

“Williams tapped the pilot on the shoulder and said something like ‘should that be happening?’”

The pilot started to panic.

“While everyone tried to figure out what to do, Williams grabbed the thick Saturday Telegram he was reading and put it on top of the console,” says Mike.

The water stopped dripping. Problem solved.

“Leave it to the press to save the day.”

— Linda Browne