Meghan Beresford

Occupation: Writer and burlesque dancer

Age: 26

Hometown: Originally from Council Bluffs, Iowa, Meghan’s been calling St. John’s home for years… She’s soon moving to the Big Apple.

Musical preferences: Everything from Rita Hayworth and Mae West to Liz Phair and Mark Bragg.

Last book read: Another Roadside Attraction by Tom Robbins

Zodiac sign: Aquarius

Words of wisdom: “Never apologize for being who you are. Love hard and often. And even if others can’t get over you, you should still get over yourself. I’m convinced that’s the key to happiness. Also, red lipstick.”

The story: Meghan is used to being in the spotlight, but she remembers when she was totally upstaged at her own show by an unusual rival: her boyfriend.

“We were doing a show at Junctions and he was a liberal type, so I was able to cajole him into doing a drag striptease. I gave him a burlesque name, and we tarted him right up with a wig and a bunch of my lingerie. He had thigh-high stockings, an underbust corset, lipstick, foundation, the whole nine yards.”

The six foot tall boyfriend had to go without heels because his feet were too big. When showtime came, he got on stage and performed like a pro to the song “Pretty Good Lookin’ For a Girl.” Everyone went wild.

“A little preposterous, but weirdly sexy. The man can strip like a fiend. It was all anyone could talk about for weeks. I think Miss Jezebel’s ego was a little bruised that night. I mean, honestly, if I’d known his act was going to be that good, I wouldn’t have put him so close to me in the program.”

— Linda Browne


Best Takeout

Ches’s Fish & Chips

17 December 2009

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