Lori Yetman

Occupation(s): Sexual Harassment Advisor & Women’s Studies Instructor at MUN. Also founder of & writer for CASE (Creative Acting for Safe Environments), MUN’s feminist theatre troupe.

Age: Last December, Lori celebrated the 19th anniversary of her 25th birthday

Hometown: St. John’s, now living in Pouch Cove

Musical preferences: “Mood music.” Blues, classic rock, folk, old country, dance music-anything that matches her mood.

Last book read: Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides

Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

Words of wisdom: “Difference has to be assumed.”

The story: Lori is a tireless advocate for equality. She’s an educator in all she does, from teaching feminist theory in the classroom, to promoting inclusive language in everyday conversation.
She believes Pride Week is about the chance for everyone to take pride in who they are.
“You can feel proud of who you are in some circumstances and then not in others, based on others’ reactions,” she says. “Until [differences between people are] assumed, there has to be a Pride Week, because it may be the only time during the year when you can actually feel proud in all contexts, because you’re participating in events that promote and embrace difference.”
She feels that there are positive changes happening in many contexts.
“At the university, I’ve seen changes. As a lesbian, I was very nervous and hesitant about referring to the fact that I had a partner or making reference to my personal life because I wasn’t sure … whether I would be met with intolerance, or discrimination, or subtle forms of sabotage, or ostracism… As I gradually got to know people, I realized that amongst most it was safe. I don’t know if I would have felt that fifteen years ago.”
– Emilie Bourque

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