John Edward Earnest Warren

Occupation: Manager of the Masonic Temple

Hometown: “St. John’s, now.”

Musical preferences: The violin and Newfoundland music on the violin. “There is one young lady around town here somewhere plays beautifully. A really great example of it was at the memorial for Vimy Ridge recently.”

Last book read: The Bible. “I’m gradually ploughing through it in a Bible study course and I’m finding it very interesting.”

Zodiac sign: Aries

Words of wisdom: “‘It’s better to put your trust in the Lord than in a person.’ (Psalm 118). And there the word ‘Lord’ is exactly in the middle of the Bible.”

The story: If you’ve ever organized an event at the Masonic Temple on Cathedral Street, then chances are you’ve met John.

Masonry is one of the things he enjoyed so he stuck with it. Or they “got stuck with him,” he jokes.

John first got involved with the Masons back in 1983 when he was the Town Manager of Burin. It was announced the fish plant would be closing so the mayor and John joined everything they could join in order to put the word out to the workers and get people motivated to avoid the closure.

“We managed to stop them from closing the fish plant,” he says. “We dug a trench across the road to keep them from taking the equipment out. It went very well.”

John started working at the Masonic Temple in St. John’s about ten years ago. A carpenter by trade, he started by doing maintenance work on the building. Then when the manager position was up for grabs, he applied.

These days he manages every aspect of the building.

“It even means rolling up my sleeves and washing dishes sometimes,” he says.