Joey Mackey

Age: 27

Occupation: Hairstylist at ICONS on Duckworth Street

Hometown: St. Alban’s, Bay d’Espoir

Musical preferences: Electronica

Last thing read: Likes “Out,”  a magazine with a gay and lesbian take on entertainment, politics and the arts. He also enjoys Salon Magazine and Canadian Hairdresser.

Zodiac sign: Aries

Words of wisdom: “You always have to look out for Number One.”

The story: A hairstylist, amateur bodybuilder, and drag show contestant, Joey is a man of many talents.

He started on the hairstyling path five years ago and has been winning awards since the beginning, notably the 2003 Contessa Atlantic Hairstylist of the Year and a 2007 Mirror Award for Men’s Cut and Style.

When he’s not making people look beautiful at a salon, Joey works out and participates in the occasional drag show.

“One of the funniest things was when we did the Ms. Gay Newfoundland pageant. We did it and it was aired on George Street TV. That was pretty wild!” he remembers with a laugh.

The event was your stereotypical beauty pageant, but with all male contestants. There was a white walk-on, where all of the guys donned white gowns, an evening gown competiton, and a swimsuit competition, in which Joey won first place.

Then came the performances.

“We all had to perform two specific songs. So I picked Celine Dion’s number (One Heart) and I performed that,” says Joey.

“I won Ms. Congeniality,” he adds.

And how did he do in the pageant overall?

“I got second place in it.”

Joey also won second place in the lightweight division at a bodybuilding show held at Holy Heart of Mary auditorium last November.

— Linda Browne

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