Jacob Rolfe

Occupation(s): Screen printer, cook, and actor.

Age: 32

Hometown: Born in Halifax, grew up in Ottawa

Musical preferences: Classic rock, 80s tunes, and dub reggae

Last book read: The Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan. (“Corn will never be the same.”)

Zodiac sign: Scorpio

Words of wisdom: “Be nice to people, share the wealth, and don’t eat highly processed foods.”

The story: If you’ve ever seen an Idlers poster taped on a pole downtown, or caught the cover of The Scope’s May 24th-June 7th issue, you’d know what kind of unique art Jacob Rolfe produces. But when he’s not here decorating our city, Jacob doubles as another, not so different ‘Jacob’ on Halifax’s Trailer Park Boys.

“My character’s supposed to be kind of nervous and timid…which is essentially me in front of the camera.” Although he had no previous formal acting experience, he did admit to doing operettas in grade three, and attending an acting summer camp in grade seven.

“I realized I have total stage fright,” he says. “We had to do a little stage performance at the end of that camp, in front of family and friends. I was completely self-conscious and hated it.”

Years later, while working at a bar in Halifax, he was approached to act as an extra in a 70s-style movie, through which he met director Mike Clattenburg, and ended up alongside Julian, Ricky, and Bubbles.

“It’s a really surreal experience. It’s like living in a TV show for awhile. They’re really nice to work with—it’s such funny stuff. The director’s always just trying to suppress laughter behind the camera. I can’t believe people can do what they do without breaking into laughter on that show.”

— Emilie Bourque


The Scope had a break-in

The Scope had a break-in

We got home this afternoon to find our back door ajar, a flower pot smashed, and our home burglarized. They weren’t able to get into the safe, they did steal a bunch of electronics.

20 September 2009

  1. bungle · September 20, 2009

    jacob ruled in trailer park boys!! bammmmmmmmm

  2. Xero · September 20, 2009

    Jacob’s the best man, he so should have had more parts in the show, this dude rocks!!

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