Dr. Eddy Campbell

Occupation: Acting MUN president. Mathematician. Husband. Father of 4 kids.

Bio: Raised in Ottawa, this upbeat and enthusiastic chap moved to St. John’s with his family during his undergraduate degree, after his father became Head of Pathology at the newly-opened medical school at MUN. He completed his Undergrad and Masters at MUN in Pure Mathematics and went on to the U of T for his PhD. In 2004 he accepted the job of Vice President (Academic) at MUN. On December 31, past MUN president Axel Meisen resigned in favor of a better job in Alberta (yawn) and Dr. Campbell took the helm. He plays the piano, but only for his family. This summer, he and two of his collaborators proved a theorem that he has been thinking about for fifteen years.

Has his administrative approach remained invariant under his transformation from VP to the Big Cheese? Nope. Over the years he and his colleagues assembled “key strategic working groups, composed of faculty staff and students, to go out and consult the province about what they want out of a university. That’s what guides me.”

As Vice President, did he ever fantasize about overthrowing the presidency? : “No.”

What does it feel like to prove a theorem you’ve been thinking about for fifteen years?: “Wonderful… I’m old enough now that I know that [a feeling like that] comes so infrequently you have to enjoy every second of it.”

What’s his Erdös number?: “Three…I think.” (An Erdös number, like the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, refers to the collaborative distance, so to speak, from the famous nomadic mathematician, Paul Erdös. If you’ve written a paper with Erdös, your number is 1. If you’ve written a paper with someone who has written a paper with him, your number is 2 and so on.)

Words to live by: “Work hard, have fun, make a difference.”

How often he actually lives by those words: “Every day.”

Sarah Smellie