Paper Covers Rock

Alex Pierson keeps your ears peeled.

RPM Challenge
Folks! These are exciting times what with the lunar eclipse, no more Andy Wells, the RPM challenge…it’s all connected I tell you!

Suffice it to say that the RPM challenge was a roaring success. It’s all we’ve been talking about for the past 4 weeks or so, and we will soon all be up to our eyes in new local records.

People are already posting preview tracks to the RPM Challenge website as we speak. Point your browser to to have a listen, or have a poke around some of the band blogs at the RPM headquarters

Alison Corbett has put together an album release/showcase on February 29th as a finish-line for participating bands, and a chance for audiences to get a glimpse of the looming wave of new music about to crest. This will feature Black Molly, The Angelshakes, Al Tuck (Halifax), Liz Coady, Mopey Mumble Mouse, and many others. Roxxy’s, 10pm, check it.

Keep your ears peeled for other RPM-drenched shows and listening parties being held over the next few weeks. The Scope will be organizing a bunch at the end of March.

Facebook group on History of Newfoundland Music grows quickly, needs new pants

Fear not, gentle reader, Facebook is finally showing some usefulness.

Local musician Dave Caines recently started a group, “HISTORY of NEWFOUNDLAND BANDS OLD & NEW!” (, and already it has over 1200 members.

People are really digging deep into the memory banks to contribute to the list of bands, adding reams of video and pictures, and there are no signs of it slowing down.

The only downside to all this is that you have to be on Facebook to enjoy it. That said, I’m willing to argue that if you’re not on it already, this makes it well worth joining.

Dig Up the Dead/Icebreaker EP

Local metal outfits Dig Up the Dead and Icebreaker have been real busy lately recording their new releases, trying to keep the blood and sweat flowing amidst the (sometimes) bitter winter-ness.
The fervent efforts by these two bands will culminate in two shows on March 1st at Distortion, with Once Loved, Cause and Effect, and the Narrators at 3pm (all-ages), and then with the Reaper’s Own, and Once Loved at 10pm (19+). Cover is $5.

Please show your support for these two self-produced local records by going to the show, and/or getting these records. Also keep in mind that it’s Self-Injury Awareness Day, so try and mind yourselves and each other in the pit…

Love, Grandpa.

Audience Tuesdays CBC Radio 3
CBC Radio 3 is the gear. It has come a long way from it’s sluggish and cranky beginnings, to become the freakishly talented miracle cousin of the CBC family.

Amongst the goings of every day, a CBC Radio 3 host will select a song from the New Music Canada library, and creates a podcast around it to make it known why you should hear that song… and now on Tuesdays this privilege can be yours.

All’s you gotta do is choose a favourite song from the extensive New Music Canada catalogue, and call in and tell them what makes it so good, and why it should earn the coveted title of Track of the Day. Call 1-877-955-6565 ext.2 (toll free), tell them who and where you are, and why that song gives you chills in one minute or so. Those who are the most convincing will be featured on the Radio 3 website.

Good luck with the pitch y’all.

Hack promotes own band’s show

There’s a tonne of stuff happening on February 29th, and rightly so. We’ve been waiting for these precious few hours for four years now, and since it just happens to land on a Friday, we plan spending those hours all in one place!

I wish to mention specifically the DJ Hot Chops/Subtitles/Pathological Lovers show at the old location of the Cellar restaurant—not the original spot where The Basement was, but the one after that—152 Water Street, fourth floor.

You’ll need to take the elevator up to the venue, and I can guarantee that you’ll be glad you did. We’ve got some pretty interesting stuff planned… you’ll see what I mean. Tickets are available at Fred’s Records, Melon, and through the bands. This kind of party ain’t gonna happen again until 2036… (PS: Yes, yes, I am in Pathological Lovers.)