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Cougar Party

Anshuman Iddamsetty preps his Slutty Amphibious Vehicle costume.

Cougar Party sharpen claws, pick teeth
Punk’s coolest moms since Sleater-Kinney (or Kim Gordon) are returning to St. John’s to play two shows at Distortion this weekend. The ‘Party are first playing with local face-melters Swords and Geinus (the night will go off on the Steve Abbot content alone), and will then headline a massive all-ages show featuring Aglid, Weapon, Narrators, and The Reapers Own.

Verdict: Prepare for legions of dudes with hockey puck piercings and indie girls dressed like they’re 50.

Cougar Party are playing Distortion on October 26. Show starts at 10:30. The all ages show goes down on October 27. Doors open at 3PM, tickets are $5. For more information on the band, go to

Hidden Cameras in for the Holidays

“Homosaywhaaat..?” stammered the collective mouths here at PCR’s Secret Mountain Headquarters after Facebook gave the rumours a green-light (then it’s really official): Queer folk collective Hidden Cameras are coming to St. John’s. The Toronto octet will play the Rock House this December, along with local bands Oddly Enough (burlesque show regulars and fans of strategically placed towels) and Mercy, the Sexton (new wave, synth, Majors).

The Cameras are ditching the mainland courtesy of an invite by superfan Chris Shortall, the coordinator for the Gay Urban Youth Zone Project, a St. John’s based HIV/STI awareness organization. Though Shortall was unavailable for comment, it’s safe to say this show will seriously go off, if only on the strength of the Hidden Camera’s excellent 2004 record, Mississauga Goddamn (Rough Trade).

The Hidden Cameras will play the Rock House on December 8. Doors open at 9:30PM. Tickets prices are TBA, though some tickets will be raffled off at Check the tongue-firmly-in-cheek antics of Oddly Enough at, and stripped new wave of Mercy at

St. John’s x (Halloween – Misfits covers) = :(

Okay St. John’s, what gives? The sketchiest (re: best) night of the year is less than a week away and there still isn’t mention of a major show celebrating the hallowed night of pumpkins, witches, and costumes that begin with the adjective “Slutty.”

Fair enough, there’s Dog Meat BBQ doing their ye old guard of Punk bit at the Ship (26th), Dig Up the Dead’s rumoured to play a thrash show on a boat (along with Dan Galway’s Are You Phobic?), The Discounts and Mopaya are putting off a costume dance party at CBTG’s (26th), and The Satans are playing at Roxxy’s (31st). Yes, things are going down, but what about the legendary Misfits cover shows of years past? Where are the Brains reunion shows, the frenzy of kids throwing horns and high-fives to encores of “Angelfuck”? Where are the shitty devil locks, and DIY Crimson Ghost stencils?
While I don’t doubt that these bands will put on killer shows, it’s still a disappointment to know that a scummy Halloween tradition is, at least temporarily, in the grave. Bummer. [Editor’s note: There is a Misfits cover show! We discovered it shortly before going to press. For details check out our All Ages listings.]

Dog Meat BBQ are playing on October 26. Mopaya + the Discounts are having their costume dance party on the 26 as well (tickets are $7; the show starts at 10:30PM). The Satans are playing Roxxy’s on October 31 (copies of their demo are $3). Brains?

City of Song doles out the awards
The Music Industry Association of Newfoundland and Labrador (deep breath) will kick off their 2007 City of Song MusicNL Conference and Awards Gala on October 26. Running the entire weekend, the conference recognizes some of the more popular musical artists in the St. John’s circuit. Though this year’s slate rattles off Newfoundland names you’d expect—Shanneyganock, Ian Foster (who should clean up for Male Artist of the Year), Funky Dory, etc.—one band’s mention caught me by surprise: serf rockers and proletariat party bahs, The Kremlin.

Nominated for the Entertainer of the Year, GALAXIE Rising Star of the CBC/Group of the Year, and Alternative Artist/Group of the Year awards, the band, by rights, should sweep the gala this year as one of the most unique acts to come out of this province.

I can’t be blamed for any bias here, it’s mathematical: Communist dance jams > Craig Sharpe.


The Idlers

Photo by Justin Hall If there was ever a band that embodied the spirit of summer in Newfoundland, it’s the Idlers. Now more two years old, the ten-piece megaband has developed a strong following in the city, have recorded a full-length album, and have been invited to play at the Montreal International Reggae Festival this […]

19 June 2008

  1. rachel · June 19, 2008

    one of the lamest things “journalists” do when talking about female bands/artists is focus on their gender and not their music/art. way to go!