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Anshuman Iddamsetty blows all of his time on Halo 3.

Flatliners bum everyone out…
Cripes, The Flatliners are crushing more hearts than at junior prom! From a thread on the 709 Locals forum came word recently that the Ontario ska punks have cancelled both of their October shows due to “unforeseen circumstances.” Drag.

…But there’s still plenty to mosh!
Winnipeg’s The Brat Attack (, who were slated to play St. John’s along with The Flatliners, will pick up the slack with three killer shows on the 13th. The polito-punks are playing two shows at Distortion—the former, an all-ages set with locals A Legend Fails and Not A Test, and the latter, a bar show with Weapon, First Offence, Braveyard, and Moke Cove.

They’ll then go downstairs to Roxxy’s, opening for local Surf/Horror punks The Satans (, who just happen to be debuting their self-titled demo that very night (Full Disclosure: I’m good friends with the band). Three shows, one night: fucking rad, Brat Attack.

The Brat Attack shows at Distortion are Saturday, October 13. All ages starts at 2PM, the 19+ show begins at 10PM. Tickets are $6, or $5 with a non-perishable food donation. The Satans’ demo release / the Roxxy’s bar show starts at 10PM. It will also feature The Attack, Cold Mourning, and the Commie Ninjas. Tickets are a tidy $3.

A&R reps are in ur screenz, signing ur bandz
Further sweetening the date of October 13th is news that reps from Union Label Group (Stomp, Union 2112, and Mayday Records), the collective responsible for signing such bands as The Planet Smashers (yay), The Flatliners (pre-Fat Wreck, yay times two billion) and Suck-O-Nine (nay), will hit the scene to scout for possible talent. Could this be the best thing to happen to local punk since the invention of shants?
Remember: There’s no such thing as too many blast beats!
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Wintersleep bassist: “I’m still just a bah”
Jud Haynes, also known as “buddy who was in Bucket Truck ages ago, wha” has left Haligonian indie act Wintersleep for an unprecedented move back to Newfoundland.
Haynes, while still doing bass duties on Wintersleep’s latest album, Welcome to the Night Sky (Dependent Music), is currently busy haggling with realtors and prepping a secret new musical project (Spoiler: It’s a band.)

Meanwhile, Wintersleep are tentatively scheduled to hit the island late November in support of their new record, which admittedly, sounds like quite the departure from their last two releases.

Return to Planet Chaos
Rumours abound from human anagram Dank Eating/Dan Keating (Danké Ating?) that Planet Chaos, dubbed last year’s “Best Open Mic” in The Scope’s Best of St. John’s poll might restart sometime soon. Keep your telescopes locked on the nflocals message board ( for a last minute announcement.

Details surface on Oceans 12”
Yeah, you’ve heard that its 22-minutes of epic metal, and that it’s one track, (and that Adam White might offer a “congratulatory” nut grab)—but what about the specifics on the vinyl itself?

According to a recent post on the band’s blog (­ “Oceans” is going to be one of the sharpest looking records to come out of the province for a while. The 12” will be pressed on translucent blue vinyl and will feature a silk-screened design on the blank side (moar Dave Munro art plzkthnx.) Included will be a CD-R copy of the track, so you won’t feel left out after ruining the needle of your Dad’s precious record player with Fugazi’s Furniture EP four years ago (P.S.: Sorry Dad.)

The Swords Oceans 12” release show will be on Friday, Oct 12 at Distortion. Local Tough and .roundelay are also on the bill.