Paper Covers Rock

Anshuman Iddamsetty bros out with his shirt off.

Southern Rock looking dudes melt faces

It’s all fast whisky and faster women as rock three-piece C’Mon returns to Newfoundland early this October. The band is touring in support of their latest album Bottled Lightening of an All-Time High out now on Blown Speaker Records.

My first experience with C’Mon was at The Ship back in ‘05. The band, consisting of lead gee-tarist Ian Blurton (Change of Heart, Blurtonia), bassist Katie Lynn (ex-Nashville Pussy), and then drummer Randy Curnew got up on stage and proceeded to saw heads off with ear-crushing riffs and monolithic 2001-style walls of feedback.

Some of the best moments of that show were when Lynn would widen her stance, lean back­-hovering perfectly parallel to the floor-and just keep shredding away, never once missing a note.

And when the band wasn’t busy melting faces, they proved just how nice they were, by buying shots of Jag for their fans and even letting self-proclaimed “Hole”-ier than thou bassist Melissa Auf der Maur crash the party with an embarrassingly lame set of solo jams.

It was a pretty killer night, so if they bring even a fraction of that same energy next month, I’ll die a very happy Oompa Loompa.

C’Mon will play Cornerbrook’s The Backlot on October 5, and The Ship on October 6. For more info, check out

Royal rockers release record

Ruh-Roh! King Nancy-the guys behind the stellar Jeff Buckley tribute show held a few months back-are throwing a CD release party for their latest album This is Not a High Five. King Nancy will perform at the Rock House alongside mates the Sean Panting band. From the previews on their MySpace page, I’d say this album has “exceptional” written all over it (especially with the killer slowburn of “Motown”.)

The CD Release Party happens at the Rock House on September 22. Cover is “a measly 5 bucks.” For more info, check out the band’s MySpace page at www.­

DJ to put ‘ass’ back in bass

Euro/House DJ from Montreal (and a regular at the legendary Montreal club Stereo) Stephen Grondin will be spinning mad licks on Saturday September 15 at Liquid Ice. I haven’t heard of Grondin before but he seems to have a ton of cred among the gelled-up dudes who wear space cadet headphones and have names like “Dmitri” or “Olaf.”

Anyone down with a one-way trip on the Vengabus should give this a go-just to see what the latest in house music is these days. Just make sure to avoid the sketchy dudes paying for “special favours” with tabs of E.

East Rock Wrap-Up

The East Rock Crew (ERC) held a fundraiser event last weekend as a massive Back to School party at Club Etomik. The event was designed to fund the crew’s tour across the island.

I got in touch with ERC’s Naga, aka Dave Gardiner and asked him how the event went. According to homeboy, it was a fun night, even if certain goals weren’t exactly met.

“The event went well,” he said. “We had some great feedback and the performers were really pleased… We didn’t quite reach our fundraising goal but the NL tour will still go ahead as planned. We will be doing shows all over the province representing our dance style, and hopefully inspiring some youngsters to get into it.”