Paper Covers Rock

Anshuman Iddamsetty spreads the thrashes to the masses.

Welcome back, kids. I’ve dropped doing cool stuff for another edition of St. John’s musical miscellany.

3, 2, 1 Go!

Poutine + Bossa Nova
Prep yourself for Casio jams about trucker hats, Metroid, and the unrequited love between a man and his fry shop: Hamilton’s own chud with a heart of gold, B.A. Johnston, is bringing the party to this province next month. Dude is also promoting his new DVD, This Is What 110% Smells Like, out soon on Just Friends Records.

Check out the DVD’s sick trailer at You won’t be disappointed.

The last B.A. show I caught was pretty epic, so I’m seriously stoked for this tour. Not only did homeboy enter The Ship to “Eye of the Tiger” wearing just a Hamilton Tiger Cats flag, he started flipping out Street Fighter II-style and tried to swipe my NES controller belt.

B.A. will be playing Cornerbrook on September 20 and CBTG’s on the 21 and 22, with Bloodshot Bill, a “one-man rockabilly sensation” hailing from Montreal (check him out at

Raising Metal’s Profile
A group of local musicians in Halifax are upset that the genres of Hard Rock and Metal aren’t considered valid categories in the East Coast Music Awards (ECMAs.) In their eyes, if the Awards can represent such diverse genres as Francophone, Trad Rock, and Rap, they should totally give 892 sketchy Nickelback cover bands their due.

Uh, sure.

These kids have an online petition at and a group on Facebook called “Support East Coast Heavy Metal.”

Their goal is to make the 2008 ECMAs—this time held in New Brunswick—hard rock friendly with an award for “Best Heavy Music Release” and a live “Heavy Music Showcase.”

Best of luck to you, dudes…

Gee-tar Heroism
By the power of Greyskull! Turner’s Tavern runs a Guitar Hero Night every Tuesday, starting at 9pm. Budding Hessians can get their drink on and shred off with the grand prize of—wait for it—more beer!

It’s apparently free to enter, and players of all skill levels can join in on Red Octane/Harmonix’s rad guitar simulator.

I’ve heard clubs across the continent offering “Hero Jam” nights to packed crowds, so this is definitely worth checking out—just to watch a jock steakhead get thrashed by some 90lb gamer nerd. Sick!

Billy Talent Floor Shuffle
For those down with the band, there’s some seating changes made to the Talent’s upcoming show at the Mile One. All floor tickets have now reverted from reserved floor seating to general admission (standing room only.) Kids who’ve already reserved floor tickets can exchange them for lower bowl seating.