Paper Covers Rock 12/06/07

Anshuman Iddamsetty is kicking bums off his beachfront property. Damn kids.

Synth kids prep new EP
Local new wave poppers Mercy, The Sexton (Chris Johansen, Jon Hynes, Duncan and Luke Major) are prepping an as of yet unnamed, eight-song EP.

Pre-production work on the EP began late in November, courtesy of funding procured from the Newfoundland & Labrador Arts Council. The band is pretty stoked on the project – which first began last Christmas – and has provided a culinary analogy for their hungry fans:

“The particular sound will be analogous to a layered sundae. At the bottom, Jon Hynes’ taut drums and Chewy’s driving bass will provide structure and stability. In the middle, Luke’s scrappy guitar will chug along, while Jon Hynes will creep up and add texture with his Tele’. Duncan will surround that core with his shimmering synths. The rum sauce, drizzled liberally over this mass, is Luke’s voice. Plus there’s a bunch of other sprinkles that we haven’t figured out yet.”

No further details have been released, though it’s safe to say it’ll be pretty heavy on the synth and the swagger.

Errand Boy remixes locals, preps free album
It’s that time of the year again. Downtown St. John’s is adorned with snowflake-themed lights, drunk uncle Lyndon tries to play Paul McCartney’s “Wonderful Christmas Time” on his accordion, and local electronic music producer Errand Boy offers to remix your songs for free—‘Tis truly the season of giving.

The Boy, aka Bryan Melanson, has made an open call for music to flex his digital chop-socky skills.

“I’m trying to get as many people as possible to send me their [songs], isolated into guitar/vocal/drum tracks so I have more to work with,” he says. “I’ve already got one band named Tinyfolk from Indiana who’s taken me up on it, but I’m hoping to get a few local acts too.”

Toronto bands Five Blank Pages and Oh No, The Forest Fires are also interested in getting some of that remix action.

Melanson plans to put together an album of these remixes as a free digital download. Not too shabby dude.

For more info on Errand Boy and the remix project, check out

Hayden’s Sold Out!
Apparently the kids can’t get enough of Hayden. The scraggly haired aggro-crooner has dropped a second St. John’s date for his cross-country tour in support of his fifth album, In Field & Town. The second show will happen on February 3, 8PM, at the LSPU Hall. If the first round of ticket sales were any indication, this will sell out fast.

Tickets are already on sale at the LSPU box office and are $25 in advance, $30 at the door. Doors to the show will open at 7:30. Check out for more info.

Newfoundlanders absent from ECMA Rising Stars
Let’s just file this in the “Because People Can’t Have Enough ECMA News” category:

In addition to the recent controversy surrounding the 2007 East Coast Music Awards (ECMA) comes the curious realization that not a single Newfoundland act will be performing at the ECMA’s CBC/GALAXIE Rising Stars stage. Admittedly, this shouldn’t worry too many folks—it’s not like you’ll catch this on TV.

Oh, snap!

Elimination Dance 2.0, ORLY
Has anyone checked on The Cyanides lately? Ages ago I did a brief bit on the then-new and (mostly) instrumental surf n’turf project of ex-Elimination Dancers, Jordan Young, Steve Aylward, and Paul Tucker. Months have gone by, and though the kids aren’t working on anything major now, you can’t deny the killer riffs rattling on their MySpace page (

In fact, I dare you to keep your sXe stance on (with Apathetic Arm-Folding Action(tm)) when listening to the first jittery seconds of “Proximity Mine” or the surf swagger of “Blew My Goo.”