Paper Covers Rock 11/08/07

Anshuman Iddamsetty knows now, missus!

Turner’s Tavern, the little venue that could?
Not a day goes by where I don’t miss The Spur. It wasn’t just a scummy dive with washrooms that stank like a sweltering commuter train in post-colony Calcutta, it was a scummy dive, washrooms and all, that hosted killer shows, offered cheap shots, and echoed the “DIY or Die” coda of the city’s indie-est of acts (Re: Skullface & Others, Maxse Street Player Haters, etc.). In short, the bar was never boring.

Enter Bill Turner’s little pub.

It isn’t half as scummy as The Spur, yet it’s quickly becoming just as innovative. The Tavern’s been the venue for an eclectic range of shows, ranging from snotty punx (First Offence last week) to spazzy noise pop (Mopey Mumble-Mouse, with Chatty Cathy and Maggie Meyer on the 17th). And the experiments keep coming: first came the Guitar Hero nights, and now, in a post to, word of a free industry workshop and open jam every Sunday.

From the post: “…The purpose of these meetings is to spread knowledge of the local music scene and to better everyone’s knowledge about the (scene) as a whole.” Topics include how to apply for grants, how to deal with bar owners, and talking about experiences playing at certain clubs.

The meets conclude with a jam session open to anyone that attends, so if you’re bored of ending your weekend with Sunday Blunty Sunday (cough), drop by. I’m curious to see how this goes.

Turner’s Tavern is located at 110 Water St. The meets are 4PM-6PM every Sunday, starting on November 11. You can reach the meeting organizer at

The Kremlin triumph at MusicNL, but Trad reigns supreme
The MusicNL’s 2007 “City of Song” Awards Gala is over, proving once again that Shanneyganock, and by extension all trad music, will remain the, uh, bookends of Newfoundland’s burgeoning musical scene, or something.

It’s all very distressing.

But I’m told that critical success isn’t necessarily as important to the scene as is industry awareness. Regardless, the awards and the association itself are both healthy steps in formalizing our city’s manic musical output, and healthier still when it recognizes the innovative…

…Like, for example, The Kremlin, who won the Alternative Group of the Year award against the likes of Marceno and Hotbox. The St. John’s serf rockers sent out a fittingly Red response to their win: “The time is getting closer, Comrades. We are glad to see so many Communist Sympathizers within the music association.”

Oh, you.

The band plans to record their next album this month. The album, consisting of “South American Revolutionary folk” is as-of-yet unnamed, though dudes, I hear Stairway to Lenin is totally up for grabs.

Hidden Cameras tickets on sale now!
Dude! Details have finally arrived regarding the Hidden Cameras’ upcoming show: tickets are $15 and can be purchased at Fred’s Records on Duckworth Street.

Hidden Cameras, Mercy the Sexton, and Oddly Enough are playing the Rock House on December 8. Shit’s going to go off.

kremlin copy
The Kremlin