Paper Covers Rock

Anshuman Iddamsetty leaves no local musical stone unturned.

Welcome to the first edition of Paper Covers Rock—the feel-good summer hit of 2007—where I highlight the St. John’s music scene and try to add ‘dude’ in as much as possible.

Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council throws down record number of project grants
Local artists bid goodbye to Mr. Noodle

This spring, mad cash is in the air—the Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council (NLAC) has awarded $250,000 to 118 artsy projects for this spring’s granting session. Of the 118 grants, 25 of them have been awarded to St. John’s musicians and musical organizations.

The grants, which cover everything from travel costs to album production, are a key source of funding for scores of local artists.

Some of the highlights:

Folk-Jazz-Gypsy superhero Duane Andrews was awarded a $2,400 grant for his upcoming participation in a three-week Jazz & Creative Music workshop at the Banff Centre for the Arts.

St. John’s own cadre of serf rock, The Kremlin Dance Party of Canada, received $1,200 to support the production of a new album of instrumental Soviet jams.

The album is slated for the end of the summer. Trotsky was reported as being “totally stoked.”

Ian Foster’s on the road, again.

Given the success of his Nova Scotia tour at the start of the year, this was bound to happen.

Ian Foster is back in the saddle, taking his bluesy alt-country pop out to the lonesome west.

Foster’s Summer Acoustic Tour begins in Halifax on the 4th of July.

He’ll be touring around the Atlantic region—rocking the 4 Days in July festival in Liverpool, NS and bringing his own songwriter’s series, Uncharted Music, to Charlottetown, PEI—before bowing out with four dates in Ontario. The tour caps off at our own Rose & Thistle pub on August 10.

Dudes in cowboy plaid are high-fiving each other furiously.

Foster’s MySpace page has further details on the tour:

Salmon Fest nears
More Canadian bands, more WTF

With 23 different groups (and counting!) on Facebook , its no surprise that kids all over the island are charged about getting wasted at Red Cliff Salmon Fest 2007.

On July 21, camping vans will descend on Grand Falls-Windsor for the 23rd Annual Salmon Festival.

As always, the line-up is pretty eclectic.

Along with more trad acts like Matt Mays and locals Hey Rosetta!, the festival will showcase screamo kids of yore Alexisonfire, winner of the hip-hop-artist-from-Nova-Scotia-who-isn’t-Buck-65-or-Sixtoo award, Classified… and Good Charlotte. Cough.

But punk poseurs aside, the sketch award must go to festival headliners, Bachman & Cumming.

That’s right—of The Guess Who fame.

Considering the rest of the MuchMusic approved line-up, you can’t help but puzzle over the inclusion of a band kids vaguely remember Lenny Kravitz covering back around the time of Austin Powers 2. And considering that mall punks the world over still trip over their boners for Good Charlotte, having them ride shotgun to Bachman & Cummings just doesn’t make sense.

Though word has it that Good Charlotte’s Benji Madden is following the Canrock legends for tips on surviving post-15-minutes-of-fame.

Stoked? Angry? Check out the Salmon Fest website for further details:

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