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Anshuman Iddamsetty brings the rad damage.

Welcome to the latest edition of what Are You Phobic’s lead screamer Dan Galway called, “…that fuckin’ music column from The Muse.” Thanks dude.

Hey Rosetta! set to conquer world (sorta)
Holy Heart of Mary High School!

Hey Rosetta! is a step closer to their plans of East Coast domination, with help from glam jammer Hawksley Workman (yeah, that Hawksley Workman.)

The “Hawk” is tentatively taking up production duties on the band’s as-yet-unnamed sophomore record (via Haligonian label Sonic Records.)

According to HR! frontman Tim Baker, the band was beyond stoked when they heard the news.

“…The label head asked about a producer. He mentioned Hawksley and I was like, ‘no way!’” He emailed back saying it was his dream project… I was like ‘Are you fucking with me?’”

The band has also finished shooting their first video, for the track “Yes, Yes, Yes.”

“[It’s] a very narrative based video… about a dude who physically manifests his moods. He changes from an old man to a youth and back,” said Baker.

But one video isn’t enough. The band is already planning their next project, this time for “Hospital Beds.” It sounds like Baker & Co. smoked up whatever hippy dippy space-weed was left over at an Animal Collective set:

“This one’s an animated story of an Eskimo prince… It’s going to have giant black snakes coming out of the water and stuff, trying to kill this prince. [It’ll be] a pretty epic snake-fighting time.”

Rum, Sodomy, and the Thrash
Dumpster some combat boots, polish that bullet belt, and prep your best Cookie Monster growl! Scummy metal three-piece Exotic Narcotic will drop their debut album at Roxxy’s this Friday, August 3. It’ll be an ear-splitting night of grime and guitars sketchier than Lindsay Lohan’s kidneys post-detox (and subsequent retox.)

Opening for the rare drugs are locals Geinus, Giver, and D.R.I. cover band 4 of a Kind. Now if the latter bangs out “No Sense” or “Give My Taxes Back” on Friday, every anarcho kid in the city will go off. Fact.

The show starts at 10pm, cover is $5.

Squeeze Box showdown
Last issue I briefly mentioned Bell Island’s First Annual Accordion Idol. The turnout was better than expected: Twenty accordionists from all over the province squeezed-off, each vying for the title of Newfoundland’s Best Amateur Accordion Player. The winner was Ed Didham of St. Mary’s Bay, who nabbed both a tidy $1500 grand prize and the Harry Hibbs Memorial trophy. Coming in 2nd and 3rd place respectively were Paul Hamilton and Anne Noonan. Nicely done, folks!

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  1. Luke · December 2, 2010

    band’s as-yet-unnamed debut record

    obviously not their ‘debut’ record . . .