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Jul 13 2010 • Written by Andrew Harvey

4:22:29 PM: The St. John’s city council liveblog: keeping you up to date on municipal affairs one tweet at a time since 2009.

4:25:34 PM: Andrew Harvey here to bring you all the shenanigans council gets up to.

4:34:51 PM: Council is filing in now, and they are all happy and refreshed after te first week off for the summer schedule (meeting every other week).
4:37:46 PM: We have a full slate of council here also.

4:39:04 PM: Drowning is the 3rd most common cause of accidential death for people under 60. Be careful on the water people, be safe and wear PDF’s.

4:40:52 PM: PFD’s that is. They are also celebrating lifeguard appreciation week. Thanks to all the people who work to keep our water safe.

4:42:44 PM: There is some land being rezoned in the southlands. They are also including a piece of land for a community centre.

4:44:17 PM: There is a proposal for 34 Bonaventure ave, to convert a home into 3 units. It has been deffered to allow staff to look at traffic.

4:45:34 PM: After havin this come back and forth to council, they just approved an application for a Domino’s pizza on Freshwater rd.

4:46:44 PM: This will be a take-out only resturant, and some residents were concerned about traffic. It is currently Browne’s Auto.

4:47:45 PM: They are rejecting an application for a store on Signal Hill rd.

4:49:52 PM: The Heritage committee is reccommending defferal of a proposal for a Patio for Yellowbelly. They want more structural information.

4:51:54 PM: The are also considering a proposed demolition for the Star of the Sea Hall. They are also deffering this decision for more information.

4:53:15 PM: Tom Hann is concerned about the possible cost of renovating such a structure. Galgay wants to see if there are any other uses possible.

4:54:10 PM: O’Leary wants to see if there is a possibility for the building to be converted to a public arts space.

4:55:11 PM: O’Keefe: “That’s a few million” he said to O’Leary suggestion.

4:56:21 PM: Tilley: “What about the star ofthe sea?” after a 10 min discussion. He thought we were still talking about Yellowbelly.

4:58:26 PM: Duff is making a notice of motion to recind a previous motion to remove the battery hotel from the Battery Development area.

4:59:48 PM: This would put the hotel back in the Battery Development area, and is more of a preemptive move for future development on the site.

5:01:13 PM: O’Keefe wants to thank all involved in the excellent response to the crash on the southern shore hwy on June 30th.

5:02:43 PM: Hann wants them to take a look at the rails in place. O’Keefe says testing is happening, and will continue.

5:03:33 PM: Colbert is especially impressed with the excellent job staff did of communicating throughout the process.

5:05:11 PM: Costco wants to put in a gas bar on Stavanger dr. Staff want a traffic impact study.

5:07:17 PM: The Economic Update shows that development permits are up 78% from last year! Maybe we will make up that projected deficit for next year.

5:09:50 PM: Bruce Tilley is impressed with the number of technology companies here in St. John’s.

5:11:03 PM: Duff wants to draw attention to the 1.1% spring vacancy rate, and the impact of this on those living on a fixed income.

5:13:27 PM: Duff is still wondering when the public hearings on the Public Transit study.

5:14:46 PM: Hann says that they have hired consultants who have started work, and held one public meeting so far. He is unsure when the meeting will be.

5:15:42 PM: This is somewhat of an issue between Duff and Hann, she has asked for this date multiple times in the past.

5:18:06 PM: O’Leary wants to see more dialouge with Eastern Health regarding staff from the hospital smoking around long pond.

5:21:16 PM: O’Keefe: “There’s nothing as bad as butt’s all over the place… Cigarette butts that is, I saw you laughing councillor Tilley”

5:24:46 PM: O’Keefe really wants to see a ILS landing system at the airport. Last year 1000 flights were affected by the weather.

5:27:14 PM: Hann is discussing council’s decision to wait for the completion of the NE Avalon regional plan to review the Municipal Plan.

5:28:23 PM: Hann: “I don’t know what the rush is, we have started the process” Staff will be looking at what other municipalities are doing.

5:29:56 PM: Colbert points out that other municipalities in the area have started reviewing their own municipal plans.

5:31:35 PM: Breen says that he doesn’t mind who has started their plans as long as we do it properly.

5:32:51 PM: There is a public meeting re. a public meeting for a long-term care facility in Plesantville next Wed at 7pm in the Foran Room.

5:35:46 PM: Galgay says that it is “scurvalous (?)” what people have done with grafitti on monuments in our city.

5:37:39 PM: Galgay: “It is important that these people be apprehended and brought to justice” (those responsible for the grafitti on monuments)

5:38:46 PM: Council is razzing Tilley over his Star of the Sea comment he made.

5:40:28 PM: Tilley says that it people have issues with outdoor raised fires should call 311.

5:43:46 PM: O’Keefe: “We have a city plan, and it is a good one.”

5:45:45 PM: O’Keefe says we have the full support of Municipal Affairs on waiting for the regional plan to review our own Municipal plan.

5:46:35 PM: That’s all folks, back in 2 weeks for more municipal madness!

5:46:35 PM: That’s all folks, back in 2 weeks for more municipal madness!

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