“Tea & Sympathy” by Three Trees

Mar 14 2011 • Written by Damian Lethbridge

Tea and Sympathy by Three Trees
There are 28 days in February, and during two of the final days of that month my sister and brother-in-law (and fellow am/fm dreams band-mates) Danielle and Marc Poirier went to visit a friend of ours, Chris Adams, in Milton. Chris had got the notion in his head that he wanted to record an RPM album, so the trio spent February 26th and 27th writing and recording a beautiful little stripped-down acoustic album under the moniker Three Trees. Two days! That’s about seven per cent of the time it took most RPMers to complete their CDs. The album reflects the simple, laid back nature of Chris’ “around the bay” lifestyle (He called me the other day to ask me where the internet is located. Sorry Chris.) There are songs about birds, trees, wind, rain, driving pick-up trucks, chopping wood, and his cat Smudge. The song “Progress Report” includes lines lifted directly from his Kindergarten report card, like, “Christopher is good, but sometimes he can be aggressive. Christopher is good, but always mixes up his letters.” Lyrical inspiration can be right under your nose sometimes, or in this case, filed away in the cobwebbed corners of your closet.



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