Trickle-down dancenomics

Your totally dependable Festival of New Dance planner advice guide thing, as stereotyped by the cast of Cat’.

Assembled by Bryhanna Greenough


You aren’t afraid to throw caution to the wind for a good old, weird time. You’re mesmerized by art that plays with convention as if it were a toy mouse, and you don’t mind the stuff that sometimes shreds characters and storyline to bits.

Tue, May 22 – Sat, May 26
Montreal choreographer TEDI TAFEL is coming to satisfy your looking-out-your-window-at-the-other-neighbourhood-cat tendencies. For Life-World: A Performance in Five Evenings, designer clothing store Melon will be changed into someone’s apartment, and the public is invited to look through the windows to spy on the inhabitants…

Just don’t fog it all up out there.

Wed, May 23 – Thu, May 24
In a voyeuristic vein of another kind is the performed installation Biology as Peep Show. KATE STORY brings you video projections, elaborate costuming, sound and lights to tantalize your senses and communicate the (ahem) biological essence of the mammalian body.

Tue, May 22 – Wed, May 23
The festival’s Program A is a Meow-Mix loot bag of local talent.

Burlesque cat-alyst MEGHAN BERESFORD will be taking us into Confession as she strives to get down to her essential truth(s). Meanwhile, LYNN PANTING’s choreographic debut Particulars focuses on the tension between the individual and the group in a seven dancer ensemble.

Watch out, because dancer DAVID APPEL moves weird. In what it is he’ll be exploring the subject of empathy using something called “tenacious movement exploration.” LOUISE MOYES opens Program A with a new docu-dance. (See page 15 for more.)

Thu, May 24 – Fri, May 25
Program B is a step even further into the abstract. SARAH JOY STOKER will unveil her first full-length solo work, Sapiens Lay Here which explores our species’ process in decision-making. Sapiens Lay Here takes the form of a structured improvisation, following a similar pattern but allowing her to go on a new trip each time.

TAMMY MCLEOD will start the program off with a shorter piece entitled Dead Reckoning, described as “an adventure between the mover and the audience.”

Thinking outside the box and inside the empty wallet.

Wed, May 23 & Fri, May 25
Maybe you’re a kitty who delights in the tickle of blueberry bushes and rocks in the sunshine. And if you’re not this type of kitty at all, here’s a chance to deviate from the straight line way of walking:

Vancouver’s JULIE LEBEL and ROBYN CAMPBELL have some walks planned, open to all and free of charge. The drift-walks explore nature and sensation and you can choose how deep into it you want to go. Bring comfy shoes and wear clothes you aren’t afraid to get a little environment on.

Thu, May 24 & Sat, May 26
They’re also experimenting with Mobile Clubbing. Dig out your MP3 player, your Discman, or even your trusty old Walkman and load it up with something that sets your tail moving: Daft Punk, Alexisonfire, Glenn Gould, whale sounds, or one of those Halloween tapes. Whatever. It doesn’t matter. Now shake some whiskers to the beats of your own programming. Again, remember those comfy shoes.

Tue, May 22 – Sat, May 26
Life-World by TEDI TAFEL is as free as window shopping.

Wed, May 23 – Thu, May 24
KATE STORY’s Biology as Peep Show is just as free.

Wed, May 23 & Thu, May 24
The dance films aren’t quite free, but are definitely of good value since they come with admission to The Rooms. Feel the Earth Move is the ANNE TROAKE film set in Gros Morne. (decoding the) undertow is a look at dancing and skateboarding. And Ahead of the Curve focuses on Christopher House, artistic director of Toronto Dance Theatre.


These picks are from the tried-and-true of the new dance world. Even though they’re sure to be weird, they’re sure to tickle people’s fancy. These are the cats who have developed their strengths, honed their skills and have the experience to know what works.

Tue, May 22 & Wed, May 23
In Florence, LOUISE MOYES illustrates the life of Florence Leprieur, a 93 year old storyteller, musician and dancer from Port-au-Port Peninsula. Using video and Florence’s stories, Moyes lets the voice’s rhythm guide her movements.

Sat, May 26 & Sun, May 27
Mischance and Fair Fortune: Celebrated Toronto choreographer SUSIE BURPEE has put together a dance duet with partner DAN WILD. Inspired by the Greek myth of Pyramus and Thisbe, the dancers show the story of two doomed lovers separated by a wall.

And now for the guy dressed in the word suit! TEDD ROBINSON, a mere 371 in cat years—42 of which he served as a Buddhist monk—is a dear golden oldie of the Canadian dance world. A quirkster, people love him and in REDD he’ll going to be balancing props and draping cloth. This show will be his final full length solo work so catch it while you can.

Sun, May 27
Functions of Funk: Hope for Hip Hop: Local breakdancers from the East Rock Crew will be throwing down to the music of the 7-piece band Funky Dory on the final night. The room’s gonna be hot and the whole room’s gonna be shaking.

I know you’re a cat that likes to dance, so this will be a lot of fun.