The (In)complete Herstory of Women in Newfoundland (and Labrador!)

How do you squeeze a story that includes 1,000 years of history about half the population into a play that isn’t 500 years long? Sara Tilley’s answer includes clown makeup, projections, puppetry, female pirates, artists, criminals, suffragists, and an all-star local cast of thespians.

Tilley, who has trained as a clown and published the award-winning novel “Skin Room”, promises this show will be anything but boring. Or underdeveloped.

“I began writing this show as a commission for Rising Tide theatre in 2005,” says Tilley. “Since then it was workshopped by the National Arts Centre during their On the Verge Festival as part of Magnetic North 2006, and given a 2 week writing workshop with Berni Stapleton through RCA in 2007. In 2007 the play was also dramaturged by Lois Brown. So, it’s been in the works for a while and has gone through a lot of development but this is the first production of the show.”

And “yes, Ruth and I will wrestle,” says Tilley. “It will be professional, in that we are being paid to do it.”

Who says quasi-educational theatre can’t be fun?

Nightly showings from Tuesday, March 24 to Sunday March 29 at the Majestic Theatre. Ticket info: 579-4424