Republic of Doyle Tweets, Episode 8

9:29:19 PM: Next time on Dragon’s Den – CBC’s Cribs.

9:31:41 PM: Andy Jones! In cameo and poster-form! Dude’s got range…#doyletweets

9:33:14 PM: Tonight: Jake desecrates the dead. OH YEAH! #Doylethemeisstillawful

9:36:28 PM: Davinci’s Closet

9:46:09 PM: Having seen six of the seven episodes, the series has a C-ish hit ratio. Half of the episodes were good or above-average (eg: 106)…

9:46:57 PM: …while half were misfires (105 despite a star turn by Babar). The Rose plot is interesting and the show is picking up steam.

9:54:45 PM: Ugh, Nikki. She’s RoD’s equivalent of Lwxana Troy. Show up, be annoying, then leave. #doyletweets

9:55:41 PM: Brad Hodder! Awesome!

9:59:19 PM: Doyle BTS tidbit: I auditioned for the part that Brad’s playing (“Brandon”).

10:02:59 PM: Tonight’s ep is pretty nice so far, though the cold open was wayyy too schticky for my tastes. I missed 107, though. What’s the verdict?

10:04:01 PM: Re: cold open, if you’re going to go for bad taste, don’t pussy-foot around. It would’ve been nice to have some payoff…

10:04:18 PM: …like the ashes being gathered via dust-buster.

10:05:27 PM: Having seen Sean in Antigone, I half-expect Walter to scream “The Spa is king!”

10:08:52 PM: Des’ IQ veers between Barney Rubble-stupid and “Matthew from Newsradio”-stupid. I love him all the more for it.

10:10:20 PM: Jake’s only getting beat up now? The writers are showing remarkable restraint.

10:13:06 PM: Good news: as you know, Doyle’s getting renewed. Bad news: someone at the CBC tthought that we needed more Stephen and Chris.

10:30:51 PM: That was neat. As I wrote earlier, I think the show is really finding it’s footing. Hopefully the second season will phase Nikki out or…

10:31:18 PM: …write her as something other than a gibbering, neurotic sex toy.

10:32:48 PM: Still, we got a solid story, more Rose and Des, Hodder and Andy Jones cameos and a satisfying, bittersweet coda. #doyletweets