Tropic Thunder

(Comedy, 2008)

With influences ranging from Apocalypse Now to Hot Shots! Part Deux, Ben Stiller (Director, co-writer and star of Tropic Thunder) has managed to assemble an onslaught of career performances so mesmerizing, it would make Scorsese blush. Robert Downey Jr. (nominated for a supporting actor Oscar for his portrayal of an Australian actor playing a black war-hero who refuses to break character) is easily one of his most memorable. Jack Black dominates as heroin-obsessed Jeff Portnoy, a chubby actor who suffers an inferiority complex due to the toilet humour he is famous for. A near unrecognizable Tom Cruise puts in the most badass performance of the 2000’s (his arm-hair a close second.) Even Matthew McConaughey (Failure to Launch, Surfer, Dude) looks like a genius in this thing.

The DVD offers a Director’s Cut of the film that adds a few key scenes, and a cast commentary—with Downey Jr. still in character—that brings more laughs to what will prove to be one of the most important comedies in film history.

— Colin Browne

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