Jordan Canning says Superbad is superbad, in a good way.

I fully admit to being biased when it comes to this film. For months I have eagerly awaited its release, re-watching episodes of the TV series Arrested Development, and becoming addicted to Michael Cera’s online series, ­ I have even been heard to say “I would pay to see Michael Cera read the phonebook.”

So I’m a big Michael Cera fan. Which, I suppose, might not make me the most impartial critic.

But, having watched it, let me say this with all sincerity:

If I had grown up alone in a cave, with my eyes closed and my fingers in my ears, and had only stumbled out into the world yesterday, if I were to wander into a movie theater and watch this film, once I learned how to formulate the English language, my first word would be “­Supersweet.”

Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen, two of the brilliant dirty minds behind Knocked Up and 40 Year-old Virgin, have written one of the funniest films of the year. Childhood friends, they claim they’ve been writing this autobiographical script since puberty. They even go so far as to name the lead characters after themselves.

The film’s Seth (Jonah Hill) and Evan (Michael Cera) have been best friends forever, bonded by their shared unpopularity, social clumsiness and bottled-up sexual angst. They pine endlessly after their respective objects of affection, but don’t have the balls to ask them out (in spite of the fact that they do talk about testicles an awful lot.)

Their luck pulls a 180 when they’re invited to a party by the most popular girl in school.

The only catch is that have to bring the booze. All of it.

With the help of their friend Fogell—the scene-stealing, über-nerdy third wheel—and his fake ID which reads simply “McLovin”, the boys set out to get the liquor, get to the party and, hopefully, get the girls (or, at the very least, a hand job.)

Easier fantasized than realized, their efforts are repeatedly squelched. While Seth and Evan end up trying to steal booze from a drunken party across town, Fogell is taken for a joyride with two insanely reckless cops, played by SNL’s Bill Hader and Seth Rogen himself.

They finally make it to the bash and get hammered enough to hit on their dream girls, only to realize that being someone’s drunken mistake isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, even if it does get you laid before graduation.

Seth and Evan play off each other like pros—one the foul-mouthed smart ass, the other the stammering straight man. This opposites-attract comedy duo should go down in the books alongside Abbott and Costello, Laurel and Hardy, and Jay and Silent Bob.

Be warned! The humour in this film is extremely raunchy. (According to IMBD, the word “fuck” is used 186 times in the movie.) However, amidst all the coarse humour, there is a real heart to this film. Without being sentimental, it makes a genuine commentary on the powerful closeness that exists between teenage boys – and maybe all men—but which males rarely talk about with each other.

Superbad lets all best buds out there know that, once in a while, it’s totally okay to say “I love you man,” and mean it.

You can catch Superbad at Avalon Mall’s Empire Studio 12. Call for showtime information.

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26 March 2009

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