Muppet Family Christmas

(Family, 1987)

In this holiday classic, Kermit and the gang travel to Fozzie’s mother’s Farmhouse for Christmas, surprising Mrs. Bear and interrupting her Malibu travel plans in the process. An endless procession of chickens, frogs and weirdos make for an unwelcomed addition to the “nice, quiet Christmas” envisioned by boarder Doc and his yappy dog Sprocket of Fraggle Rock fame, who had planned to look after the house while Mrs. Bear was away. After an evening of sing-alongs and home videos, a blizzard strikes and it looks like the diva-esque Ms. Piggy might not make it from her photo shoot to the farmhouse in time for Christmas, which casts a sombre shadow over Kermit’s holiday spirit.

Luckily, the Sesame Street muppets arrive, and get their wassail on, which brightens Kermit’s mood and tames the tension brewing between Gonzo and the Christmas turkey—a rogue playboy who has taken a liking to Gonzo’s girlfriend Camilla (the chicken).

Adding more fuel to this insane Christmas fire is the incomprehensible Swedish Chef who, once discovering the massive wall of poultry which is Big Bird, suddenly has a new recipe for Christmas dinner.

This truly enjoyable film is one of Jim Henson’s last great productions. Unfortunately, the DVD is a re-edit of the original version, so if you’ve still got that old CBC broadcast on tape, save your money and fire up the VHS.

— Colin Browne

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  1. Lori · November 11, 2010

    I’m looking for a copy of the original (not the DVD version), if anyone can help me out!