Local Nickel Flicks

I’m 14 and Hate the World: A young girl’s privileged life takes a surreal twist when she’s suddenly orphaned. Enter creepy old people that would make David Lynch proud. Kenneth J Harvey, the author of the novel Blackstrap Hawco, directs. (Drama)

A River in the Woods: When a band of forest children adopt a monster into their clan things get weird. Well shot and disturbing. (Drama)

The Battle of the Bruised Peach: A sensuous music video with writing on skin and fully-clothed bathing. (Music video)

Watching Emily: Young Emily and her feeble grandfather get in some trouble when mom steps out. (Drama)

Snarbuckled: A cook washes up in a cauldron on a grey Newfoundlandesque island inhabited by a half-crazed lighthouse clown and masked restaurant patrons with voracious appetites. (Drama)

Hope is Fleeting: Painterly, fluid, and colourful Patrick Canning creates a video to accompany his song. (Music video)

Swallowed: This ballad tells the story of a sailor lost at sea and the lifelong suffering of the woman he leaves behind. (Drama)

Fishbowl: Parallels are drawn between life in a fishbowl and life in the CBS suburbs. (Drama)

The Last Cottage Hospital: A young woman who’s had too much to drink ends up in a sketchy haunted hospital in the sticks. (Horror)

Living Inside the Box: A corporate office comes to life in song. (Music video)

The Fourth Minute: Insecurity in love. Sometimes a simple idea works best. Here is proof. (Drama)

Not Over Easy: A couple of eggs are the stars in this break up story. (Animation)

The Wake: A young guy at a wake doesn’t realise the tangle he’s gotten himself into until it’s too late. (Drama)

The Gagalon: Painting, sets, costumes and make up converge in this creepy music video. (Music video)

Liam Blades: Local rollerbladers make iconic spots around town their own, including Arts & Culture Centre hallways. (Documentary)

War & Fleece: A nerdy ram invents a machine that suddenly makes him cool. (Animation)

Four Sisters: Family ties prove stronger than hate and jealousy for these very different women.

Cardboard Junction: An innocent girl deals with the bleak adult world of her mother.

The Auditions: A mature actor and an inexperienced videographer negotiate what it means to be an artist.

The Nickel Film Festival runs from June 21 to June 25. See www.nickelfestival.com