Hot Summer Guide: Movies

Colin Browne

You love the summertime, and you love movies. That’s good news because here are a couple of summer movies to check out when you’re not working, or tanning, or working at the tanning salon. If documentaries are your thing, make sure to catch Werner Herzog’s Encounters at the End of the World, hitting the Empire on June 27th. This is the guy who brought you Grizzly Man a few years back and also many amazing fiction films in the 1970’s which you will have a difficult (read: impossible) time renting in the city. Encounters explores the less than 1,000 people who populate and work in the harsh climate of Antarctica.

For the inter-universal, nice-guy demon in us all, Hellboy II: The Golden Army will be making its appearance July 11, sure to bring plenty of cool effects and otherworldly action into your life. There’s an interesting story here to keep you all in line so if it’s straight up explosions and pointless carnage you’re looking for, stay at home and fire up the internet.

Speaking of firing up: Seth Rogan’s ode to good weed, The Pineapple Express will be rolling into town August 8th. Co-written by Rogan and with a budget of $25 million, this stoner/action/comedy with a somewhat far-fetched plot, should satisfy fans of his previous work as well as those looking for a good laugh, which, unfortunately will not be free the first time.