So Bill Cosby mentioned Newfoundland on Jay Leno last night…

Oct 15 2009

Somehow in a conversation about hot dogs on the October 14 edition of the Jay Leno show, Bill Cosby manages to squeeze in a reference to Newfoundland.


Hear an audio clip:
[media id=76]


Bill Cosby: I’m from back east.

Jay Leno: Right.

BC: So I’m Washington D.C….

[Audience cheers.]

BC: …Ben’s Chili Bowl…

[Audience cheers.]

BC: (To Leno) What is this audience??

[Audience laughs]

JL: A lot of Canadians.

[Audience laughs]

BC: No, that’s more… They’re from Newfoundland…

[Audience laughs/cheers]

BC: …because they have a certain quality.


You can see video of the Cosby’s appearance on the show here.

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  1. More on the Cosby-Newfoundland connection:

  2. Super! He even said it right :)

  3. The fact that I have seen this clip forwarded a thousand times in the last week makes me really sad.

    Is our self-esteem so low that an off-hand remark from a comic is treated as interesting?

    it should come as no surprise that Cosby would pronounce the name right; he spent a lot of time in Argentia during his time in the US military.

  4. Bob,

    what’s your problem? I think the only person’s self esteem that is low is yours. Well at least we know that you’re much more negative than the rest of us.

    Who cares that its an off-hand remark by a comedian? People like it not because we have a low self-esteem, far from it, NLers are probably the most proud people on earth but because it’s just a chance for others who know little about us to at least here the name and maybe do a bit of research on us and/or maybe even visit here to find out what Newfoundland & Labrador is all about.

    Please give it up with your negativity, it only brings everyone down.

  5. It’s not that people are insecure, but it is unusual that Bill Cosby would mention newfoundland on Leno, and actually pronounce the name right.

    But Cosby has a connection to newfoundland. Not just his service in Argentia, but he took in an interest in the Lanier Phillips story, the ww2 vet who crashed in Burin and was helped by people there.

    It’s a folk story about how outport people had no concept of racism, compared to Americans. Cosby took an interest in it.

  6. Bill Cosby is coming to town!

    He’ll be performing at the Molson Theatre in Mile One Centre on December 4th, shortly after releasing his “socially conscious hip hop album” The Cosnarati: State of Emergency.

    Gold Circle tickets ($89.50) go on sale this Wednesday, and regular tickets ($59.50) and you can get ’em at the Mile One Box Office or online at or

  7. I hope he lectures us about the detriments of stealing pound cake in exchange for Coca-Cola.

  8. I hope he lectures us about using foul language right after he tells a few jokes about beating your children.

  9. Thanks Mr. Cosby, Newfoundlanders are loving, caring and very hospitable people. This gives them a special quality of being the most down- to- earth people on the globe.They also have quality musician’s and comedian’s and film producer’s. Like Bill Cosby himself, he has quality at its best.

  10. Mary Shaw-Blackwood

    I have visited Newfoundland and Labrador on several occassions and the people are just wonderful, especially around the outports. They have that kind of kindness and respect that our ancestors had, and they want to hold unto that quality tradition. Mr. Crosby is a comedian and we have our own in Canada that see us for what we are. We have Ron James and the USA has Bill Cosby

  11. Something similar to throw out there…saw Robin Williams live recently…He was talking about different parts of Canada and rhetorically asked: Newfoundland? Is that where the Irish send their special people?