Zombie Apocalypse (2011)

Zombie Apocalypse review for thescope.ca by 24hourstomidnight.com

Boomkat frontwoman and professional skuzzbucket Taryn Manning and her bestest pal, Crabman from My Name is Earl, are survivors of history’s most generic zombie apocalypse in Zombie Apocalypse (2011). Zombie Apocalypse was yawned into existence by The Asylum, the creators of Transmorphers, The DaVinci Treasure, Paranormal Entity and other made-for-gas-station films.

As should be expected, the whole thing feels really lazy. Six months into a zombie apocalypse, and they’re still explaining stuff like “Where did all these zombies come from?” It’s like it’s their first day. God!

Plus, it looks like the director promised the actors there was going to be CGI added in later, and then they just didn’t bother. Fortunately, the actors clearly didn’t know how bad the CGI that made the final cut would look, so nobody rolls their eyes when the zombie tigers show up.

The casting, however, is inspired. We’ve got Adventuresome Woman of Indeterminate Ethnicity as Tia Carrere, Squinty Stubbly Man as Ed Burns, Dead-eyed Foreign Mercenary as Jean Reno, and Ving Rhames as Ving Rhames.

In short, it’s a total ugh-fest. Avoid like the coming zombie plague.