Vampire at Midnight (1988)

Vampire at Midnight (1988) silent and flowing/you were the best part of this/gorgeous brown mullet

Vampire at Midnight is a classic piece of 80s vampire trash. Starring that mean guy from Madonna’s “Express Yourself” video (Gustav Vintas), Flesh Gordon (Jason Williams), and no one else of note, Vampire at Midnight tells the tale of a modern day (late 80s) hypnotherapist using his vampiric abilities to increase the skills of LA’s cultural up-and-comers until they either become his servants or his next meal. His killing-spree has earned him the nickname of “The Vampire Killer” and we follow Detective Roger Sutter (Williams) as he tries to track the villain down. Despite the amazing fashions, dance AND fantasy sequences, and a creepy villain, the very best part of the movie is this:


Barely uttering a word and looking like someone who was kicked out of Duran Duran, Christopher Nee’s appearance as “Raoul” makes absolutely no sense and we kept watching in hopes that we would gain some insight into the life of this fascinating creature. All we learned is that he has really great hair and is good at beating people up. Like, REALLY BEAUTIFUL HAIR. 

Anyway. Apparently no trailer exists so here is Madonna’s “Express Yourself” so you can see how mean that vampire guy is: