The Woman in the Fifth (2012)

Woman in the Fifth review for by 24 Hours to Midnight: The Blog!

The Woman in the Fifth features Ethan Hawke in a role that somehow combines, basically, every role he has ever played. 

Tom Ricks, divorced and possibly violent father and author, wanders around Paris and falls in love with Kristin Scott Thomas and a blonde Polish woman he meets at his motel and then a bunch of murders start happening around him. So, basically, we’ve got Reality Bites meets Before Sunrise meets Sinister meets probably 10 more Ethan Hawke movies meets HIS REAL LIFE. (Only in French and apparently with a ghost.)

Because the movie itself left me asking questions about WTF actually happened, I went to the internet for research and found out that it was based on a novel by Douglas Kennedy. In the film, Kristin Scott Thomas is revealed to have committed suicide back in the 90s and is actually a malevolent spirit that may or may not be either killing people herself or possessing Ethan Hawke… WHO KNOWS!? There are way too many dots left unconnected to get a clear picture of what the director was trying to get across, and instead what’s left is an incoherent, but beautiful, mess.