The Dead Matter (2010)

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This movie was so terrible that I’ve actually put off writing about it for so long I forgot the title and had to look it up via The Djinn aka Andrew Divoff’s IMDB page. In The Dead Matter, Divoff plays Vellich, a poorly-wigged vampire who controls the dead via a glow-stick scarab necklace, basically a fancy gothic rave accessory. Somehow, this vampire relic is found by Gretchen during a séance in the middle of the woods with a few of her friends. She accidentally raises a zombie and realizes that the amulet can probably be used to resurrect the corpse of her brother. Great.

Anyway, after a bizarre number of events including Gretchen taking her zombie on a carousel ride and ice cream date as a substitute for her brother and a trip to a weird vampire club run by Tom Savini, bad things start to happen. The vampires and zombies start killing people, and Gretchen becomes possessed by the amulet. Naturally, best friend Jill busts out some Latin and saves the day — OR DOES SHE? I’m serious, does she? I’m having trouble remembering. Either way, messing around with the dead is bad for you. LESSON LEARNED.