The Caller (2011)

The Caller (2011) review for

While trawling the local movie rental place, we stumbled upon this gem. We had a hankering for ANYTHING that might prove to be scary, but were surprised when this actually turned out to be quite unnerving. Once you get past the contrary face on the leading lady, it’s actually traumatizing, in a pleasant way.

Filmed entirely in Puerto Rico, the film centers on the totally depressing life of Mary Kee, a recently divorced young woman who is establishing herself in her equally depressing new apartment. She finds an old rotary phone there, and takes a liking to it. Too bad Mary doesn’t have any real friends to call her, and instead begins to get calls from a woman named Rose. Although Rose can only be described as a contrary old bag during their phone conversations, they do somehow manage to develop the semblance of a friendship.

As time goes on, Rose’s phone calls become more frequent, demanding, and threatening. During all of this, Mary’s ex-husband stalks and harasses her. Mary tries to cut ties with her ex and with Rose, and then we find out that ROSE IS FROM THE PAST! SHE IS TOTALLY STALKING HER FROM THE PAST! HARASSED FROM THE PAST! WHOA!

To find out how it ends, you’ll need to watch it. Although it may seem like a ridiculous premise to have a crazy old bat stalking you from the past, and you may be thinking, “girl, get yourself a cell phone and be done with it,” there are some really good scares in this movie. I wouldn’t go so far as to call it intelligent, but it’s not nearly as painful to endure as a lot of the other drivel we hold dear. So I would call it intelligent-esque.

Enjoy! Enjoy-esque!