Summer Fantasy (1984)

Summer Fantasy (1984) review for by 24 Hours to Midnight: The Blog!

Summer Fantasy (1984) contains no frolicking. It contains very little innuendo. No one applies sunscreen in a sensual manner. No bikini babes lose their bikini tops in the surf. No dogs wear sunglasses. In fact, Summer Fantasy is a made-for-TV drama disguised as a sexy beach romp. The VHS cover is full of cartoon busty bikini babes, but it’s all a dirty lie.

As the VHS case helpfully points out (three times), Summer Fantasy star is Julianne Phillips, “wife of rock superstar Bruce Springsteen” (emphasis theirs). Phillips stars as Joanna, a hard-working high school valedictorian who, in a wild act of reckless abandon, decides to get a summer job as a lifeguard before she goes to university in September.

Subplots include Joanna’s parents’ marital problems (O hai perennial television dad Michael Gross of Family Ties!), and Joanna’s boyfriend dealing with Meniere’s disease, an inner ear disorder that affects balance and hearing. Fantasy!