Skinner (1993)

Skinner - Watch out, Ricki Lake! Traci Lords, vigilante, Nicks/Gaga hybrid.

Directed by Heidi Fleiss’s former beau, Ivan Nagy, Skinner tells the tale of Dennis Skinner (Ted Rami), a pretty nice guy, except that he somehow inherited his father’s passion for flaying prostitutes alive and wearing their skin Leatherface-style. Yikes.

Dennis rents a room from Kerry Tate (Ricki Lake) and her husband, Geoff, who spends most of his time just being awful or driving a truck, and Dennis and Kerry strike up a friendship.  This does not last, however, as Dennis decides to show her his true self and shows up wearing someone else’s skin, sending her into a screaming frenzy. GO RICKI!

Also featuring Traci Lords as a glamorous former victim looking for vengeance, Ted Rami’s performance as Skinner, the sheer ridiculousness of the plot and gory FX make this a terribly good movie best watched on an empty stomach.

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20 June 2007

  1. Eeelanus · June 20, 2007

    I haven’t seen this in years, and had forgotten about it – May as well re-watch!

    Thanks for the reminder.