Not of this Earth (1988)


This campy 1988 remake of Roger Corman’s 1957 film of the same name was apparently made as a bet. The director, Jim Wynorski, bet that he could make the film with the same budget that Corman did in 1957. The result is a hilarious, poorly-acted science fiction mess, starring our girl Traci Lords in her first mainstream role. Nurse Nadine (Lords) along with her boyfriend cop and doctor-boss try and take down Mr. Johnson, a strange patient of Nadine’s who is also an alien that requires human blood for his home planet, to ensure their survival.

Besides the glorious acting, this is worth watching for the ridiculous 80s fashions (Johnson looks like Karl Lagerfeld. So good.) It’s also worth watching just to see the portal leading to Johnson’s home planet of Davanna, and the mind control.

For a movie made on a bet, it’s a pretty entertaining way to spend an hour and a half.