Mr. Frost (1990)

Billowy blouses Devil has triangle hair Cross-eyed possession

This tense 1990 thriller directed by Phillipe Setbon tells the story of charming serial killer and possible devil Mr. Frost (Jeff Goldblum) who loves cooking, can melt things with his hand and has 24 corpses buried in his back yard. There is no record of him to be found and once captured by Alan Bates, he refuses to speak until Dr. Sarah Day (Kathy Baker) comes onto the scene. Then he decides to convince her to kill him. There’s a bunch of religious mumbo jumbo, some priest-killing due to possession, a lot of weird imagery, and one of the finest Goldbulm performances on record.

How much you enjoy Mr. Frost really depends on how much you enjoy Jeff Goldblum. If you’re like me and you think he’s the most wonderful thing ever created next to Nicolas Cage, you will love him as the Devil, flouncing around in over-sized silk blouses and pretending to control people with his brain. If you’re one of those awful people who think he’s THE WORST, you are better off avoiding this as it starts off strong but then devolves into convoluted mess. It’s one of those movies that could have been great but in the end is just pretty good.

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