Holiday viewing: Silent Night, Deadly Night 3: Better Watch Out!

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Christmas horror! For us, the true meaning of Christmas horror is the feeling you get while averting your eyes as you walk past the Avalon Mall’s dead-eyed evergreen golem:


Culled from the Forest of Nightmares

“Christmas horror” is also a surprisingly populous horror subgenre. You have Black Christmas (1974) and its 2006 remake; there’s Do Not Open Till Christmas, and you have a depressing number of punny-titled pretenders — Santa Claws, Satan Claus, Santa’s Slay, Slay Bells — and the Silent Night, Deadly Night series, of which we just watched the dismal third installment.

Christmas horror movies all follow the familiar pattern — psycho terrorizes tiny town using a variety of seasonal themed implements of murder. Any given yuletide rampage will consist of a strangulation via a string of lights, a candy cane stabbing, a sledding-related decapitation, a hockey skate to the face, an icicle impalement, and a household pet made ill through exposure to poinsettia.

In Silent Night, Deadly Night 3: Better Watch Out!, our seasonal affective disordered antagonist is Ricky — the Santa-banged-my-mom killer with a mad-on for jolly individuals in red velour. Ricky’s currently in a vegetative coma with his brain exposed inside a glass dome (because, science). Ricky’s doctor is utilizing the psychic talents of pouty blind teen Laura to coax Ricky out of his coma because, you know, science.

Like a horrible, horrible snowglobe.

Anyway, the psychic link-up leads to Ricky’s reawakening, after which he begins his pursuit of Laura. With his exposed brain hidden under a jaunty chapeau, Ricky slaughters anybody that accosts him with holiday iconography — a Santa suit, a poinsettia broach, a Christmas sweater, a wrapped present, a red car (obviously, he’s stretching by the 45-minute mark).

Jump ahead to Act III, and there’s a big showdown at Grandma’s house (who, shockingly, does NOT end up folded into the oven, despite an agonizingly long scene of her basting a turkey). As far as horror movie heroes go, Laura’s brother manages to set the bar to sub-zero levels for all future horror movie heroes. Resplendent in his denim-on-denim ensemble and Sammy Hagar hairdo, he makes his requisite 11th hour save with the killer quip: “Is it live or is it Memorex?”. The only line that could’ve zinged Ricky harder would’ve been “Where’s the beef?” or “Calgon, take me away!”.

FACT: There was much screaming.


So, in conclusion, this holiday season, just go watch Gremlins.

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