A matter of trust

The Scope photographer Rachel Jean Harding turned the lens on photographer Sheilagh O’Leary at home, touching up the photos for her upcoming exhibit of nudes entitled Human Natured.

A beautiful woman, naked, holds onto a granite boulder covered with lichen.

As though this is the most natural position in the world, she gazes in your direction softly.

It seems she just awoke, the jagged lines of rock close to the gentle curve of her back.

Through Sheilagh O’Leary’s lens, the woman is not vulnerable. The person in the photograph even looks at home on the boulder.

Or at least as though she is in no hurry to move.

…The wrinkles in her toes and the folds of granite on the side of the rock…

Perhaps, for her, this truly is the most natural position in the world.

– Elling Lien

Human Natured, black and white photographs by Sheilagh O’Leary, opens December 3 at the Flower Studio, 124 Military Road. Exhibition Opening from 2-4 pm. The exhibit will run until January 6, 2007.