On Display



Christmas Exhibition: Small works plus a selection from Gerald Squires’ Mary series, Gerald Squires Gallery-52 Prescott St 229-7578 (Sun Dec from 8 to Dec 22 from 2pm to 5pm)

Colour & Light: A fine art exhibition featuring new works by gallery artists, Red Ochre Gallery-96 Duckworth St 726-6422

Deck the Walls: Exhibition and sale of artistic wall hangings and other small quilted items from the Eastern Edge Quilters Guild, Field Centre-MUN Botanical Garden-306 Mt Scio Rd 864-7669 (Wed Dec 4 to Tues Dec 17 from 10am to 4pm)

Humanitarian Photo Exhibit: Local photographer Chris Boyd showcases photos taken around the world for various humanitarian organizations, Free, Newfoundland Canvas-3 Cashin Ave (Sat Dec 14 from 7pm to 10pm; Sun Dec 15 from 2pm to 8pm)

Jenny Holzer Truisms: An exhibition consisting of reprints of posters that launched the American conceptual and installation artist onto the international stage in the 1970s, The Rooms 757-8000 (Opens Fri Dec 20)

Mike Gough Retrace: Gough’s paintings explore the materiality of memory, alluding to personal subject matter that exists just below the surface, The Rooms 757-8000 (Opens Fri Dec 20)

Music & Exhibition: Steve Cowan and guests present an evening of classical guitar music to accompany an art exhibit of the works of Chang Ling, $8, Fixed Coffee & Baking-183 Duckworth St (Sat Dec 28 at 8pm)

Open House: Art & refreshments, Ultramarine Fine Art Studio-100 Duckworth St (Thu Dec 5 & Sat Dec 14 starting at 12pm)

Rural Palette: Peter Lewis solo exhibition, Peter Lewis Gallery-5 Church Hill 722-6009 (Opening reception Fri Dec 6 from 6:30pm to 9pm; Ends Dec 22)

Zeke Moores Dispose: Moores reclaims discarded and forgotten objects, recreating them in bronze and aluminum to highlight their beauty and potential, The Rooms 757-8000 (Opens Fri Dec 20)


The Goat Who Stole Christmas T’ree: Exhibition and sale by artists Cara Kansala & Pam Dorey featuring oil paintings, sculptures and Christmas pieces, Heritage Art Gallery-309 Water St, 2nd fl 739-7994

Cultural Ties: An exhibit of 20 specially-designed neckties designed by notable artists, that originated as a fundraiser for UNICEF in 2008, The Rooms 757-8000

From This Place: Our Lives On Land and Sea: Stories of how the original peoples of the province connected and how they are connected now, The Rooms 757-8000

Here We Made A Home: Exploration of the rich and distinctive culture of Newfoundland and Labrador and its evolution over time, The Rooms 757-8000

Inner Works: Anne Meredith Barry, Peter Bell, David Blackwood, Chris Pratt, Mary Pratt, a Parsons Shepherd, Reginald Shepherd, Gerald Squires & Don Wright, The Rooms 757-8000

It’s A Dog’s Life: Exhibition of images and textual materials highlight the dogs played an integral role in Newfoundland and Labrador throughout the 20th century, The Rooms 757-8000

Working on History: Watching Our Stories Unfold: An exhibition of artifacts reflecting life in NL from the 1700s to present day, The Rooms 757-8000

Last Chance

Annual Christmas Show: New works by Iakov Afanassiev, Jennifer Barrett, Brent Coffin, Michael Connolly, Tia Connolly, Malin Enström, Bonnie Leyton, John MacCallum, and others, Leyton Gallery-Clift’s-Baird’s Cove 722-7177 (Ends Dec 24)

Comfort & Joy: An annual holiday exhibition of finely crafted objects, Craft Council-59 Duckworth St 753-2749 (Ends Dec 18)

Lynne Cohen False Clues: An exhibition of the renowned photographer’s work on interior spaces that nudge the surreal, The Rooms 757-8000 (Ends Dec 8)

Natural Selection: Significant works spanning the history of landscape painting in Canada, including work by A.Y. Jackson, Pegi Nicol MacLeod, and more, The Rooms 757-8000

North: An exhibition of works featuring artists who call the North their home and artists inspired by the North, Craft Council-59 Duckworth St 753-2749 (Ends Dec 18)


Admiralty House Museum: 1915 navy wireless station now communications museum, 23 Old Placentia Rd-Mt Pearl 748-1124

Connections: This Place and Its Early Peoples: Polar bears, carnivorous plants, sea birds and mammals plus the people who made their lives here, The Rooms 757-8000

Early Printers’ Marks: Examples of brand development and trademarks from the 16th and 17th centuries, First Space Gallery- QEII Library (Ends Dec 23)

Fighting Sail: Two warship models from the Napoleonic wars of 1803 to 1816, The Rooms 757-8000

Geo Centre: See Signal Hill’s 550 million year old geology and rock and mineral specimens, 175 Signal Hill Rd 737-7880

Gotcha! Carnivorous Plants Chow Down: An interactive exhibition focusing on the province’s diversity of curious carnivorous plants, from the pitcher plant to the bladderwort, The Rooms 757-8000

Lifeline to Victory: Naval presence in Newfoundland from 1939 to 1945 and its role in the wartime, The Rooms 757-8000

Magic Lantern Show: See Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan as told by Victorian lantern slides, narrated using original scripts,The Rooms 757-8000

Newfoundland Sealing Disaster: Documents from the 1914 tragedy in which 78 sealers perished on the ice, The Rooms 757-8000

Railway Coastal Museum: Model ships, shipbuilding and dockyard history plus the story of Newfoundland’s railway boat service, 495 Water St W 724-5929

Secret: SS Eagle and MV Trepassey Antarctic Missions, 1944 to 1947, The Rooms 757-8000

Silver – A Noble Metal: An exhibition examining silver, a sought-after commodity for centuries, and its uses and markings, and its production within the province, The Rooms 757-8000

The Fluvarium: A panoramic view under the surface of Nagle’s Hill Brook. Fish, insects and plants in natural habitat plus interactive exhibits, 5 Nagle’s Place 754-3474

Wind-Ships: Cargo Vessels in the Last Days of Sail: An exhibition of ships’ portraits from the 1800s, The Rooms 757-8000 (Opens Jan 15)

Working on History: Watching Our Stories Unfold: An exhibition of artifacts reflecting life in NL from the 1700s to present day, The Rooms 757-8000

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