Urinal headrests


Erin’s Pub, 186 Water Street 

Thanks to an ingenious toilet accessory, the male patrons of Erin’s Pub pee in comfort and maybe even with improved aim. Affixed above the washroom’s swishing urinals, two shamrock-green, padded-vinyl forehead rests beckon the weary pint-drinker to take a load off while unloading.

Pub manager Ford Cook jokes that 8 or so years ago a regular grew sick of pulling splinters out of his forehead and installed the cushiony supports. Since their arrival they’ve garnered sloppy graffiti, cigarette burns (pre-smoking ban, of course) and even attention from the likes of MuchMusic and Canada AM.

The Scope’s research team concluded that the urinal pillows work best for those under six feet, helping them keep vertical and fire straight when compromised by over-indulgence.

But, according to US Patent 6681419, Erin’s Pub’s rights to the pee-rest are by no means exclusive. Apparently, in 2002, a Mr. Eric D. Page of Sarasota, Florida patented a device “which a user may place his forehead and restfully lean thereagainst while using a urinal or commode.” Who would have guessed there was a burgeoning occupational therapy industry for the career drinker?

Hopefully, Eric never comes calling for his royalties.
– Lesley Thompson


  1. The Scope · April 19, 2012

    We like urinals and we like resting our heads, so this seemed so perfect.

  2. Glenn McGee · April 19, 2012

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