Stirling Press Mural

Stirling Press Mural

Logy Bay Rd

The offices of Stirling Press on Logy Bay Road proudly display the preoccupations of local media baron Geoff Stirling (of NTV and OZFM fame), in a mural on the building’s south side.

It depicts a psychedelic scene of comic book heroes and new age symbols. The central figures in Stirling’s Atlantis Universe, Captain Newfoundland, Captain Canada, Captain Freedom, and Mademoiselle, are shown hovering in the night sky above the Atlantic ocean, surrounded by flying pyramids, satellites, planets, and UFOs.

Captain Newfoundland (aka Captain Atlantis) was created by Geoff Stirling and his brother Scott, and first appeared in a 1979 issue of the Sunday Herald. The weekly strip soon evolved into a full-fledged comic book series, featuring cover art by renowned fantasy artist Boris Vallejo.

As the story goes, Captain Newfoundland’s people came to earth thousands of years ago, instructing the ancient Egyptians on how to build the pyramids. They went on to found the continent of Atlantis. Centuries after the Atlantean civilization went to ruin, Captain Newfoundland revealed himself to a group of Vikings who had established a colony on an unsubmerged tip of Atlantis: the Island of Newfoundland. He brought the Vikings’ leader, Leif Eiriksonn, on a whirlwind tour of the future, to “let his new friend see how the world had changed, yet stayed the same.”

As inspired as this may seem, the real fascination of Geoff Stirling’s comics is that they are allegories for his personal philosophy. As Stirling describes, the stories “provide the opportunity for positive messages and knowledge that at the present time, on many levels of consciousness, have to be deemed science fiction.”

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—Lesley Thompson
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